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come to my new humor website

and if you want me to add you as my friend, then vote and rate my articles. i'm not here for a tea party so stop treating me like alice. come to my new humor website

So far we have been given kudos by Lou Dobbs, featured on Sports Illustrated's website and Yahoo! Sports. If you haven't checked us out you are missing the party that is about to give The Onion a run for it's money.

honestly, i feel this site is becoming too inbred. i am a writer not a journalist. journalists have an agenda, while writers have a story. i mean no
harm to the people on this site, but i feel this site is becoming too close knit for it's own good. people who know the other people on this site will start to give better ratings to their friends and confidants and that said, this site will collapse into itself. by knowing the person next to you, you will end up no better than the next news source. citizen journalism lies in a sense of anonymity. The minute the authors on this site start to expect something of each other is the time where authors like D.E. Carson and EL G start to die. you'll then start to get the generic bullshit that people like steven blake give us. I don't care what your rating is, if you spout out shit i could read on yahoo every damn day then this site loses it's shine. show some creativity. show some damn balls. put yourself out there instead of whoring yourself out to the masses.

you all may think i don't know much, but i'm slowly...maybe not, out running this crowd.

Local hangouts:

jail. the track. bars. jail again.


fear and loathing in las vegas catch 22 the sun also rises


the stones seu jorge the starland vocal band


life aquatic fight club kiss kiss, bang bang

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