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Hi, my name is Shaun, I am from Scotland in the UK, I want to save our world (Don't we all, lol) but I can't do it alone and I know other have the ideology to try and try if you follow, but I will try still to love and care and always be honest, love can be injected through laughter and music and sharing our stories, so I hope to have fun here and learn to write better also. I got the bug blogging Sport here in the UK and then I Blogged my pain I came to blogging with a saying "I come here to reach out in the hope people reach back" And they did, the doors that have started to open for me through writing amaze little old me, lol. I also did a small bit of Radio and I am in the early stages of starting my own radio show. As I said I first came to blogging to learn more about my Disability. One of these invisible disabilities that nobody can see but I sure can feel as do many others sadly. Over time I started blogging about World and Current affairs, Politics, Movie reviews to funny picture blogs. So I started to mix my blogs up in terms of content so the people reading didn't get bored. I have been blogging my own blog for real for about 7 months, but had the account a few weeks over a year. I won the "Best Moments Award" from Moments and I was thrilled to do so as I live for this moment. I live in the here and now. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow will be what it will be. I love my family, I have a brilliant life, I am so blessed with an Amazing partner in Dawn and my four kids, two older boys, two girls under 4 years old. Through the pain I developed what I can only describe as a caring side to myself, I had to re-like and re-find myself as a person. My Disability brought pain but it took my career as a Football (Soccer) Manager who made it fairly big, not pro, but I was working to get there. So it hurt to lose that. But when one door closes another opens and it opened in the form of blogging and now writing and doing articled and really testing my writing. I am never going to be an author nor a journalist, but it is a lot of fun, I am also a trained PC tech, so if you are stuck with anything, please, ask away. Here is my blog I have done over 800 or so and down the right in categories you will see I blog almost everything you can. More love, Less Hate. Shaun.

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Online sadly. I play games, puzzles and painting with my Daughters. I go to Football with my two sons when I can, I love my Partner who I have been with since school, I am a blessed man in a life where all I know is pain. But I smile and laugh and try to help others. I HATE Greed in our world. I go to many football games to watch Glasgow Celtic FC the team I support. The ground holds 62,000 people and it is an amazing history with a history rich in Irish and Scottish roots. I like to play snooker (Bigger table than a pool table) I also like to play darts, but can watch neither on TV. But with my disability I find myself more and more at at a computer or laptop. I love to live, love to love. What you see is what you get and I have a LOT to learn in life still, I turned 40 years early July 2013. I enjoy life


I am ashamed to say I only started reading late 2012, I am reading Time Riders by Alex Scarrow, I am on book 3 out of 8 in the series . So we will see where this leads me to, but I am slowly getting into reading. Obviously writing I now read a lot of other blogs so that got me interested in reading books. But still, ashamed to say at the age of 40 I just started to read. Although I read books in School, for recreation, I am new to reading books. But, that doesn't make me a bad person, well at least I hope not :0)


I love Music, I find through music we can touch each others hearts and lives and really connect in a way that shows love and tenderness and a caring way that we can express to each other. I hope to share song as much as I can. This song here I love


Back to the Future 1,2 and maybe 3. I love Sci-fi but sometimes snuggle into my Partner and watch a love story. Anything really. I watch all the new movies when they come out and do movie reviews also I can spend a whole day in bed, through pain and watch movies all day. I don't like being in bed all day, but while I am there, I may as well smile and get on with life. We are only here once, so we can't allow pain or anything else to stop us from living.

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