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*Author of "Dear Shari..." here on the Broo! (Wed and Fridays)* I am an actress, writer and lover of a lot of things. Mostly people. I'm looking to share my heart with everyone. It is my intention on this Earth to remind one of another of our goodness and kindness and our ultimate Oneness with one another. I find beauty everywhere I look and I hope one day that everyone can as well. I figure we only have one thing in our lives that we are in control of, and that is our emotions. I'd prefer to be happy, positive and content than to choose negativity, sadness, and anger. So I figure, why not spread it? :)
I am working towards starring in my own television sitcom because I really enjoy making people smile. The idea of taking people out of their everyday lives for a short period of time to bring them laughter and joy motivates me.That has also led me in the direction of pursuing my own talk show to continue the legacy that Oprah Winfrey began. In my own "Shari" way of course. In the meanwhile, I'll share my sillyness, my thoughts on life and really just my crazy randomness in some video blogs I am also very active on Facebook with my group page SHARIng with SHARI. Come find me and join the lovefest! :)

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Starbucks, Runyan Canyon, Griffith Park


The Alchemist, Conversations with God, Oh, The Places You'll Go, Eat Pray Love, The Peaceful Warrior



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