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Eye Came From The STORK::::Eye am AKA:::Orphan-Annie::Eye have a Tendency to MisMatch my Socks--since eye was FOUR::::eye have a little hole in the Fabric of My ROBES::::::And My HAIR just kind of is--Subject to The Wind--so that would make me AKA::::Raggedy-Anne:: Eye have a Predilection 4 Organic-Bananas--though eye have Yet to make a SKIRT out of Them Once EVE Out of Eden gives me a Sewing-Lesson::so that would make me AKA:::Josephine-Baker::Eye Have a Tendency to have The Inclination to PAINT--anytime Eye Get HURT like if a Bicycle Hits Me--so that would make me AKA:::Frida-Kahlo.....Eye have a Tendency to Sit 'alone' with My Ghosts in a Room of my 'Own' with a Desk and a Bowl of Fruit and a Broken-Violin--and my PEN and Journal my Life Away--as Soon as Soon as Eye Get Support 4 My Creation-Addiction--as in ART IS A WAY OF LIFE::::So that would Make Me AKA Part Virginia-Wolf and Part Alberta-Einstein.....and That would Make Me--EGOTISTICAL--4 Comparing my Stupid Brain--to 'Albertas' Genius--ALL Eye Want 4 The NEW-YEAR:::::Is ShakeSpeares Feather dipped in an InkWell--because All of The Google-Activity--is HURTING My Vision--so eye am Currently Seeking out a TimeMachine--into Renaissance Era X ART::: *CoverPainting 4 bla poetry WaterColor on Paper entitled 'NEXT ACT' Exhibited at Long Island Museum (but eye don't recommend the book--consider it MindStorm) Aug 15-Dec 7 2009 *Acrylic on Canvas entitled 'WAR' Donated Painting 2 Homeless Veterans Society Fundraiser (across from Cinema-Arts Complex in Huntington Village) upon the recommendation of My Artist Friend--Landscape and Portrait Specialist BOB BIANNE *Acrylic on Canvas entitled 'ISRAEL' Exhibited at 'Upstream Gallery' (painting no longer available--gifted to a friend Mike in the Restaurant Industry)--or did eye toss it?--MOST of My Paintings thus far--eye consider ScrapDraft--SO The Majority of My Previous Work is Literally Decaying in a Dump somewhere-- *Painting entitled 'WHIRLWIND' displayed at Random Long Island Restaurants--wherever my friend Mike floated it--what was called 'Venue 56' is now some other name--eye don't actually Eat at these places--So-- *Painting of a BIRD donated to my local Hindu Friend VICTOR displayed on his Wall at his Family Business--'S V Convenience Store' the reason beeing--eye was very blessed to sea--the way Victor has such a connection with Life-Circle that he regularly makes sure The Birds that form a Society around the Tree in front of his shop--are cared 4 with Bagel-Crumbs-- *Painting entitled 'BEAUTY' selected by Choreographer and Teacher ANN 2 show at Her Dance Studio--where eye previously would walk down the Road and meet her--4 Exercising-- *Paintings displayed at Cyber FMs Music Studio run by James Tylee *Possibly my painting 'SAILING' landed in some 'Cassino Clam Co' but--eye don't actually EAT clams--so--that is just the 'Rumor'-- *Pencil on Paper CoverArt 4 'SOLD OUT' and WaterColor CoverArt 4 'SINGULAR EXPRESSIONS' but Please do Not actually Open that SCRAP--it was just BoredImpulse--utter catharsis--and if eye had it 2 ReDo--they would NOT bee Published-- *Multiple Paintings Displayed at a 'FEGS' (whatever that is) 'Health And Human Services System' Sponsored 'SASS' (whatever that is) SHOW that Featured International Artists coming 2gether at Stony Brook University for a 2010 Exhibit-Party--(this was well past my graduation from SBU)--eye definitely did NOT fit in there--all the other Artists had some 'Victim-Complex' whereas eye just Roll 'FRIDA'--eye submitted upon Recommendation of My Friend BOB and thanks to a friend Marty--who got my Work to and from The Exhibit--arriving early--so he could volunteer to move tables and chairs around--so just my luck--eye got the Best location of Center Station 4 Display--and double the Space than the majority of Artists--only because some Electronic CD device needed a table too--4 my Spoken-Word-Art---to bee ear-sampled--and some hooks to hang a couple sashes eye designed on a restless whim--really The Artist is just supposed to use ONE side of the display board--to reserve space 4 all artists--but eye got to use TWO--because if you need 'Special-Accommodations' you could Potentially get X-tra Space--but you couldn't ALL get special-accommodations because then there wouldn't bee enough ROOM 4 all--and that wouldn't bee Fair--and that would just defeat the definition of the adjective 'Special' B4 the Noun of 'Accommodations' (However Eye do NOT actually consider myself 2 B an 'Artist' eye get offended when people accuse me of beeing one--eye simply consider Art an Act of Life--as in Every Breath is ART and there is No Concept of BREATH without the Act of Genesis--as in Each of US are Born *Creative-Entities* most of my displays have been simply Random 'coincidental'--eye don't actually go Out of The Way--2 get my Colors Out there--and eye am So Anti-Tech by Femme Nature--that eye sea No Point in actually Looking down the 'Artists Wanted' Lists--in the BACK of popular Art Mags--because eye am so Adversely Disgusted--at how what was Once a Free-Form Native Natural Expression--has turned Ughhh corped-out 'Digital'--sometimes eye have 2 push basic buttons--but to a MINIMUM since beeing 'Tech' feels oppressive 2 my Feminine-Nature which is the CORE of my Art-Soul...and since 'Art' and 'God' are at the Top of the Three-Letter-Words List--MOST Misused--eye tend to appear VERY anti-Art and anti-God Whenever The Majority uses either of those Words in a Sentence and then Directs the Sentence at Me--at which point eye play 'Helen Keller' since there is No Sense in conversing about a Topic--when we don't even have a Common Foundation of Definition--even after 500 pgs of Plato--loaded words like 'Truth' 'Justice' 'Love' are still Not sufficiently defined--and Most Grossly Misused in both Courts of Law--and in The Romantic Realm--everybody 'Loves' somebody--when everybody wants 'Something'--and YOUR Truth is Far Different from My Truth--or is there a Such thing as a Core of 'Truth' where we beecome ONE)

Local hangouts:

Is This Question an INVITATION 4 yet More Stalkers--Hmmmm--where do eye 'Regularly' 'Hang Out'....Hmmmm--on a STAGE


Eye Have a Tendency--to just Tear Out Pages from Books--Skim Through--Crumble them Up--once in a Pink moon--there is a Passage worth Meditating and Reflecting Upon--but Mostly eye Like Books just to Show how Stupid the Author Is--by Pulling out Loose-Bricks from Her/His theories--just to have Her/Him inspired to ReEvaluate what was Written and Write Again--as 4 everything eye have ever Written--it is just Scrap-Art--eye am Currently just in The BrainStorming Faze--and eye am mostly a Scribbler--eye just like the Way Letters Merge Funked Out--and Flip the Grammar--sentences are Nothing but Abstract Design 4 Me::eye am Only a SOCRATIC Reader--as In eye Don't Swallow Dogma Pamphlets and Dogma Texts--everything eye Read ends in a 'Question-Mark'--and everything eye write is Merely Listed Under 'Experimental' MOST of what eye have written--eye would NEVER write again--and eye don't Recommend Reading Me--


Bobby Dylan Billy Joel Alanis Madonna Bach Clement Avril Eminem Tracy Chapman Macy Gray (or Grey) just 4 ONE song--The Birds (or Byrds)--4 The Song on TIME::::predilection 4 Hippie-Music--NOT 2 Impressed by MTV currently--


Depends on my MOOD:::::and only Indulge Occasionally--since the Majority of what is in The Major Cinemas is Ninety-Five percent Garbage--and eye am On a PopCorn STRIKE--4 Cellular Reasons--

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