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I'm happy that people continue to read my 2007 articles of censored documented evidence of Bush Admin lies and manipulation, and Congressional Impeachment Bills for the illegal Iraq War and other impeachable crimes. Evidence comes from whistleblowers throughout our Government, across the political spectrum, plus well known respected sources-- like the American journalist Greg Palast who's investigations were published in the British BBC News (British Broadcasting Corporation with links and websites). Scroll to end of page to see links to most of my articles---my first 9 articles were deleted somehow. I've also added more censored news directly below (after 3 paragraphs)--of important overviews of evidence from respected sources which reveal what We The People have never officially been told about the history of America--- so We can understand what's been happening in the US and world for decades. It warms my heart to see the dedication of the 99% humanitarian Occupy Movement--- people worldwide share these values, so I pray more people join. Thanks again to all my readers who repeatedly kept my articles afloat when the rightwing were harassing them. By 2008 my articles were read an amazing 20,000 times... then people continued to share them so as of March 2014 the Views are over 90,170 THANK YOU--Glad to be of service.

Each of my 2007 articles has 20+ pages of evidence. There are 34 articles, and each reveals covert plans and policies that were censored by Bush Jr Admin and/or the mainstream corporate media. The series of articles is entitled "Series We The People", and each has a variety of the best sources of news---from high-level whistleblowers, British BBC News, PBS documentaries, Congressional reports, investigative journalists, US Govt documents via Freedom Of Information Act requests(FOIA),etc. They each reveal America's underbelly during Bush Jr's Admin--- in all areas--with strange mixtures of illegal and legal US official policy with illegal and legal corporate power. Some articles reveal decades of lies to Americans & Congress---see Articles #1, #3, #6, #15, #26. The layers of lies & fabricated events are still covert and continue to destroy America and world with greed & manipulation.

FOR THOSE WHO'VE ALWAYS BELIEVED THAT AMERICA mostly had humanitarian policies, foreign & domestic, during last few decades---I must warn you--- that the evidence & information below will break your heart. Evidence below comes from trusted sources of censored news like whistleblowers at Global Research ( articles by Director/Professor Chossudovksy and Wayne Madsen former intelligence agent); Project Censored by professors at Sonoma State University (began 1976 at Project; articles by Greg (an American who publishes in many British papers, used to investigate conspiracy for the US Govt but now can't get published here); truthteller & longtime PBS journalist Bill Moyers (see his 1987 whistleblower documentary below). You'll also read below an inside whistleblower Perkins (he calls himself a former economic hitman, and says in his books that the banks and corporations are the "corpotocracy" who control governments and World Bank etc. who work with the 1%, but the 1% often do power grabs "legally", whereas the corpotocracy doesn't.) Below are basic overviews of the most fundamental evidence with links. (If link no longer works then search for websites mentioned) This info ends with research on stolen elections 2000-2006, 2008 was stolen too but then reversed by another group.

A Calif State University has been collecting corporate & government censored news since 1976 and now they're joined by many schools and worldwide followers. Since the mainstream media is usually participating with the censorship via its corporate owners, it's often a different type of censoring. As many of you realize, a democracy can't survive without truthtelling--- to reveal all harm & abuse to people, democratic institutions, democratic infrastructures, systems, etc.

Here's 1987 PBS Documentary video (new link Feb 2012) (copy & paste) by Bill Moyers "Secret Government:Constitution In Crisis" at

Moyers 1987 documentary covers several covert invasions by the White House. Moyers explains how since WW2, for 40 years, the US Secret Government & CIA have lied to Congress & Americans to overthrow democratic countries worldwide, using their own financing,private armies,etc! Since my reading news via high level whistleblowers, intelligence analysts, Congressional Reports, investigative journalists, hundreds of professors on a spectrum of subjects-- I finally discovered what millions of others know---that Congress & Americans have been lied to for over a century,about covert policies at home & abroad created by international financiers, covert parts of the government, corporations & banks.

In the 2006 book "Overthrow America's Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq" by former New York Times journalist Stephen Kinzer summarizes dozens of democratic countries overthrown solely by the US (most in Middle East & South America) Kinzer says in the 1900's the corporations felt they had already saturated the US markets & wanted more markets & resources, plus many politicians in US Govt felt it was our manifest destiny and right to plunder & control other countries. Kinzer says Congress & Americans were always told that the other countries were "the bad guys". The events in Kinzer's book are corroborated by many sources.(But info on Iraq is not complete--see instead website now called

Before the banks scammed us during the last few years, my research by inside whistleblowers revealed how for decades US corporations & banks controlled countries & governments worldwide, which many now agree is the root of our problems. For decades We have been told layers of lies about our so-called democracy--( justice system, economic system, foreign & domestic policies, environmental system, election system, media system,food & health industries,etc). Another of their tactics used is "Divide & Conquer" between groups like liberals and rightwings, between US and other countries,etc. Some of the major issues must be solved simultaneously---so perhaps We need massive peaceful protests to lead to truthtelling. We need nationwide votemachines from a source that We can trust, ( we have many inside whistleblowers from the GOP party or that worked for the Gop that says they were directly involved with stealing elections and Clint Curtis created the voteswitching software. We need transparent Open Source software, and to comply with International Law. We then need basic humanitarian infrastructures & policies that acknowledge and comply with humanitiarian International Law. But these groups also usually control the international bodies and groups, so we have lots of work to do.

In 1976 hundreds of professors at Project Censored began collecting and publishing the news that the mainstream corporate-owned media censored, underreported, or blatantly distorted. Every year since 1976 they've reviewed and published (from thousands articles submitted yearly) the Top 25 most important and shocking news stories. At see right-side for "Top 25 Archives" then click to see links for each year 2009 to 1976,each with summaries & sources. This censored news reveals what banks, oil companies, and other corporations have actually done in America and the world, and how they work in CIA shadow operations. But this is only the tip of the iceberg.

For example a censored news article is that in the 1980's Russia didn't break their nuclear treaty or increase their weapons supply or invade Afghanistan--so there was no reason for Bush Senior and the neocons to create fear in Americans and no legal reason for them to use the CIA to fund & create AlQueda to fight in Afghanistan.(also see info below by inside whistleblower Perkins) Another lie--satellite photos show that Iraq didn't invade the oil-rich area of Kuwait, so there was no legal reason for Bush Senior to attack Iraq in the first Gulf War, especially since Hussein was financially supported & kept in power by Bush Sr.

For info on who controls the media see another Professor's website at The airwaves actually belong to We The People and the corporations by law are to serve We The People. Due to decades of censored news by the corporate-owned media there have been ongoing information wars in America about Our domestic and foreign policies, often due to ignorance but also complicity and intention. So truth continues to be of utmost importance, for sadly the crimes and subversion of International Law, the US Constitution and Government did not begin with the Bush Jr Admin nor did it begin with the most recent corporate and bank crimes during the last eight years. And sadly most mainstream experts and Universities including economists are often clueless or complicit to one degree or more. It is time for truthtelling to heal our country and thus the world, for a democracy can't survive without an informed public and policymakers, a truthful media, fair elections, and a transparent government that creates laws to serve the true needs of the people which includes regulating private corporations to actually serve people and not abuse them or the environment. We must help policymakers know the truth about the covert policies so they can stand with others who do know them.

Background--In the late 1800's the British dominated and controlled the oil in the entire Middle East region for decades before America joined in the plunder. If you read an Almanac to see which counties have/had the most oil, you'll realize these are the same countries that the US has befriended and/or later called a security threat. Since 1900, Congress and the American people have been lied to about the US covert foreign policies created with corporations to overthrow or invade other countries to control and steal their resources, usually oil, especially in the Middle East, Africa,and South America. But in the last decade South America has almost freed itself entirely from US corporate control an privatization. So We The People need to learn the lessons.

In 1953 the British were controlling Iran's oil for over a decade, and Iran's beloved elected leader Mossodegh loved the US Constitution but wanted to nationalize Iran's oil and told the British to leave, the British asked the US to take over, Mossadegh was deposed in 1953 by the US who replaced him with a puppet dictator. Obama was the first US President to acknowledge this in his speech in Egypt.

Below are a few of the most respected, independent sources for news, and each corroborate the decades of layers of deceptions and covert policies in America and the world. The British BBC News journalist Greg Palast (US citizen)has amazing investigations on the US that are censored in America. Palast knew John Perkins below,see and

Perkins' whistleblower books,first his 2006 "Confessions of An Economic Hitman" on NY Times bestseller list, published in 30+ countries. Then "The Secret History of the American Empire: Economic Hitmen, Jackals (assassins) and The Truth About Global Corruption". His 3rd and newest book written with other hitmen, see Plus read the transcripts of interviews of Perkins by independent radio/TV news host Amy Goodman at Use their Search for John Perkins interviews/broadcasts.

John Perkins became a whistleblower in 2006 about his work in the 1970's-1980 as an "economic hitman" for the United States,the "corporatocracy" he calls it, the banks, corporations and covert government who economically overthrow democratic countries worldwide, since WW2, and they continue to operate and in the US too. Perkins says its mostly the corporations calling the shots, which the US Govt is beholden to. Perkins was hired thru the US Govt National Security Agency (NSA) then given to a private company to work as an "economic hitman" for the "corporatocracy" which he says is a network of corporations, banks, governments, who've created a global American empire. Perkins mentions names of corporations, banks, and people including those we now associate with the Bush Junior Admin, yet he says the Bush Senior Family and the Saud Family of Saudi Arabia are the most powerful families in the world. And he says the Bush Family & Saud Family & Bin Laden Family have been friends and business partners for decades since the 1970's.

Perkins says "economic hit men are highly paid professionals who cheat countries including the US and around the globe out of trillions of dollars. Their tools include fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, payoffs, extortion, sex, and murder. They play a game as old as Empire (British Govt and financiers involved too) but now has taken on terrifying dimensions during this time of globalization." Perkins says they operate in the US too, which is confirmed by the Project Censored news website above.

Perkins first book has a chapter on how Bush Senior got financing for Osama Bin Laden which used to be public knowledge, and Bin Laden (whose family is wealthy from oil), became a CIA asset, as confirmed by several intelligence sources and even MSNBC News in 1995. {Bush Senior worked as a CIA asset and later Head of the CIA, and many CIA whistleblowers have come forward to say how the neocons in the 1980's ignored the intelligence to fabricate their own. Which confirms the CIA whilstleblowers in the British BBC News Documentary "Power of Nightmares" which aired worldwide but not in America}

In Perkin's Book, Chapter called "Pimping, and Financing Osama bin Laden", Perkins says "In October 2003 Vanity Fair magazine disclosed information that had not previously been made public, in an in-depth report titled, "Saving the Saudis". The story that emerged about the relationship between the Bush family, the House of Saud, and the bin Laden family did not surprise me. I knew that those relationships went back at least to the time of the Saudi Arabian Money-laundering Affair, which began in 1974, and to George H.W. Bush's terms as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations (1971 to 1973) and then as head of CIA (1976 to 1977). What surprised me was the fact that the truth had finally made the press, Vanity Fair concluded: The Bush family and the House of Saud, the two most powerful dynasties in the world, have had close personal, business, and political ties for more than 20 years... In the private sector, the Saudis supported Harken Energy, a struggling oil company in which George W.Bush was an investor. Most recently former President George H.W. Bush and his longtime ally, former Secretary of State James A. Baker III have appeared before Saudis at fundraisers for the Carlyle Group, arguably the biggest private equity firm in the world. Today, former president Bush continues to serve as a senior adviser to the firm"

Perkins says " The deal between the United States and Saudi Arabia transformed the kingdom overnight." "More subtle and ultimately much more damaging was the role Saudi Arabia was allowed to play in financing international terrorism. The United States made no secret of its desire to have the House of Saud bankroll Osama bin Laden's Afghan war against the Soviet Union during the 1980's, and Riyahd and Washington together contributed an estimated $3.5 billion to the mujahideen.

Perkins quotes "This system however,is fueled by something far more dangerous than conspiracy. It is driven not by a small band of men but by a concept that has become accepted as gospel: the idea that all economic growth benefits humankind and that the greater the growth, the more widespread the benefits. This belief also has a corolary: that those people who excel at stoking the fires of economic growth should be exalted and rewarded, while those at the fringes are available for exploitation." "That is what EHMs do best: we build a global empire. We are an elite group of men and women who utilize international financial organizations to foment conditions that make other nations subserviant to the corporatocracy running our biggest corporations, our government, and our banks. Like our counterparts in the Mafia, EHMs provide favors. These take the form of loans to develop infrastructure--electric generating plants, highways, ports, airports, or industrial parks. A condition of such loans is that engineering and construction companies from our own country must build all these projects. In essence, most of the money never leaves the United States; it is simply transferred from banking offices in Washington to engineering offices in New York, Houston, or San Francisco."

Perkins continues "Despite the fact that the money is returned almost immediately to corporations that are members of the corporatocracy (the creditor), the recipient country is required to pay it all back, principle plus interest. If an EHM is completely successful, the loans are so large that the debtor is forced to default on its payments after a few years.When this happens, then like the Mafia we demand our pound of flesh. This often includes one or more of the following: control over the United Nations votes, the installation of military bases, or access to precious resources such as oil or the Panama Canal. Of course, the debtor still owes us the money--and another country is added to our global empire."

Perkins continues "However--and this is a very large caveat---if we fail, an even more sinister breed steps in, ones we EHMs refer to as the jackals, men who trace their heritage directly to those earlier empires. The jackals are always there, lurking in the shadows. When they emerge, heads of state are overthrown or die in violent "accidents" And if the jackals fail, as they failed in Afghanistan and Iraq, then the old models resurface. When the jackals fail, young Americans are sent in to kill and to die."

Regarding elections, International Law says elections must be transparent with no corporate funding, vote machines or paper ballots must be transparent and controlled by The People, exhaustive research by experts and professors shows only paper ballots with people doing the hand counting are the only ones that can be trusted at this time.

The Congressional investigation by US Govt GAO Report says internal voteswitching is easy on all our touchscreen voting machines and can't be detected. The optical scans that count ballots are also stealing votes. The documentation on the stolen elections is massive, yet We The People have yet to get these machines and companies who own them outlawed. Paper trails are NOT the answer says many experts. It takes only two seconds to flip the vote totals on the inside of the vote machines, using a remote to reach the total memory card for an entire county of votes. And since the corporate media control our Voter Exit Polls these are never released to the public.

Nationwide in many states Elections for Governor, US Senator, US Congress, state senators, state assembly etc etc were stolen from Democrats each year from 2002-2008 and ongoing. Presidential Elections--Election 2000 was stolen not only in Florida but other states too, in fact British BBC News journalist Greg Palast aired worldwide,but censored in America, a report before the election how illegal caging lists were used in several states by the GOP Party to steal the election. Later it was discovered that voteswitching on the machines was another tactic done. The man who created the prototype for this software is Clint Curtis, see more below. MSNBC TV did a great job covering the story in Florida and every recount and court trial at the beginning, but after the US Supreme Court illegally jumped into stop the Florida Supreme Court ruling to finish counting the votes & also to recount, MSNBC stopped coverage. The Voter Exit Polls pollster Mitofsky called the election for Gore, but never changed his mind and didn't call the election for Bush, but the media stations each did it themselves. This comes from their internal memos.

Presidential Election 2004 was stolen in 26+ states. In 2004 the real Voter Exit Polls were leaked to a respected news site in another country. The pollster Mitofsky for Voter Exit Polls showed Kerry won by a wide margin 51% to Bush 48%. After Jan 2005 he says in his Post Election Report, after Senator Boxer voted to block the electoral votes from Ohio, that indeed he changed Kerry's vote in 26 States, he claimed he overrepresented him, but professors in statistics and mathematics at said this claim is statistically impossible. There were local news reports nationwide and voter reports nationwide that confirm that vote switching on machines and other strategies were done to steal the vote. Plus many other strategies later discovered.

In 2006 Congressional Elections of Democrats stolen in many states. Obama's 2008 elections Primary & General were stolen in 20+ states yet his numbers were so high they couldn't steal it entirely. Read Clint Curtis turned whistleblower at Curtis spoke to members of Congress and passed a lie detector test about creating the prototype for vote-switching software in 2000. The book "Confessions of a GOP Operative" by another man who with others used many tactics including racism to steal the vote from Democrats. British BBC News journalist Greg Palast reported on the illegal GOP caging lists that targeted Democrats by throwing out tens of thousands of legal voter names in a variety of states at But this divide and conquer strategy backfired, and many voters in the GOP Party jumped ship.

So We all have work to do....but We are not alone. We The People must keep hope alive!Congressman Conyers worked with social justice and peace activists to gather leaked news and investigations, Congressional Hearings and newspapers abroad, then Conyers published a report of evidence from his Judiciary Staff which was later published as a book with this criminal evidence to impeach "George W Bush versus the US Constitution". For documentation of evidence to impeach and jail Bush Jr Admin see on left side scroll down about 10 inches until you see orange-colored letters of this link "Key Documents,full list". This is a major website for resources, and members list of hundreds of social justice groups.

We The People can't settle for anything less than a democracy with humanistic and compassionate policies that uphold International Law and the US Constitution. WE THE PEOPLE must keep hope and truth alive. There are billions of people in America and the world that are working for the cause of truth and social justice in America and The People of the world. Plus professors, whistleblowers from every branch and department of Govt, and whistleblowers from covert groups, banks and corporations. We must use peaceful protests to get the truth out.

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"Sacred Path Cards" by Sams on Native American prophecy of emerging 5th World of Peace. "The Cultural Creatives How 50 Million People Are Changing The World" by Paul Ray PhD & Sherry Anderson PhD (humanitarian values increasing) "Reason For Hope" by Jane Goodall, "The Heart Is A Little To The Left" by William Sloane Coffin.


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