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A word about Radical Priest:

I am the Reverend Michael Valentine Goldsun, ordained in Berkeley in 1989 at the Church of Divine Man, a non-denominational christian organization and am a recently published author of several articles under the book title;
Radical Priest:- ” Too Many Crooks Spoiling the Cloth ”
based upon the state of the U.S. and the 9/11 Conspiracy, and have been a devout 9/11 Truth Researcher for the last five years.

Jeff Rense has my website
9/11=PNAC Plot listed as
” A Massive 9/11 Lies Database ”

” I'm not one of those ;
'the Lord this', and 'the Lord that' kinda guys;
I'm a 'street priest',
I just talk normally; it's my way of making 'God'
palatable for Joe Citizen.
I'm real and try to tell it like it is.”

I am delving into the nomenclature which is creating this false division of man under the headings of the various churches.

My articles are also currently running in The Canadian, and will continue I believe until I get my point out there. As an ordained minister of a clairvoyant church and a Theosophist, I am dissecting the various popular religions to help shred the fanaticisms that are driving this illegal and immoral war. The Christians are continuing with their abusive encroachment of man, and the Muslims of course are defending themselves.

My attempt is to assist the reader in seeing that the very nomenclature is the cause of the issues at hand, since without the fancy names, the religions are all one and the same; given that they have sprung from mankind's need to sustain a relationship with God, throughout all means they he has employed, and that any reference to Muslims or Christians, or Pagans, or whathaveyou, is in fact exacerbating the divisiveness of this false war of man with himself.

If you find yourself able to encompass a full view such as I'm offering, please see the story in process, under the title,
Radical Priest:- ” Too Many Crooks Spoiling the Cloth ”
and see the material at;

Just as the mention of an Arab terrorist is a blood rousing buzz word that is religious bigotry at it's finest, so is Black arsonist, or Chinese sniper, or Christian rapist. Unless we can dispense with these divisive bigoted descriptive buzz word adjectives and see each other as one race on one planet, we will NOT survive. The fruits of ignoring this are falling to the ground rotten as we speak.

If you find yourself able to comment, we greatly appreciate the effort, and you can encourage the editor at The Canadian by posting on their blog, ( the link is at the bottom of the article for the first five that they have currently run)

I've recently added music to all of the pages for poignancy and impact.

I've also been seen around the city as Goldenguy and the Skateboarding Dogs at the Stupid Pet Tricks Competition,the SF Hillstride, the Bridge to Bridge run, Pier 38 Spring Regatta, and the Mission District Carnaval Parade, Golden Gate Park Skate area and have won the Columbus Day parade, as well as the North Beach Pets in Drag Contest and the SPCA Animal Wingding Parade.
For these efforts Wayne Freedman of Channel 7 News has featured me in an interview spot a few years back, as well as several mentions in local papers and national papers.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Peace Out,

Radical Priest,
Reverend Michael Valentine Goldsun

9/11=PNAC Plot
” Remember, NIXON never thought he'd be caught either ”

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North Beach, The Wharf, South Beach, The Mission, Downtown, I'm also at,


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