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I'm N!C. My roots sprouted in New York but Ive planted seeds in California, Virginia, and North Carolina. I like to take in all that i can and im very big on networking, but my procrastination sometimes takes over and i get nada done. i have a 16 month old daughter at home who knows her mommy has big dreams for her family and can't wait till her success. I'm back at John Jay, finishing up my degree in criminal justice. I love to express myself via poems, rhymes and have been putting off writing several books. I want to excerise my writing on here, so if i start out shaky, dont give up on me! Enjoy!

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I'm not as much a clubber as before, I enjoy the intimate settings of Lounges now. hhaha. I love walking around just finding what i can get into and i love doing the tourist thing since so many new yorkers never get to experience half of what they are surrounded by!


I just read My Bloody Life: The making of a Latin King and loved it. Sadly i also just read THe Diary Of a Video Vixen in a day. Loved it. LOVE LOVE LOVE Straight Up and Dirty by Stephanie Klein and was addicted to: A Coroners Journal. As gruesome as it was, I loved it.


I'm very open when it comes to music. If it isn't the beat that catches me its the lyrics.


HBO's Rebound, Higher Learning, The Notebook

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