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A word about Lionardo da Vinci:

Leonardo da Vinci, "Pictures Within Pictures"
Outside the box, outside the frame, IS A documentry I am working on at the present time on Lionardo di Sir Piero, " Leonardo da Vinci", my research of nearly four years and my new never before seen discoveries within Leonardo's masterpieces, The Mona Lisa, the Landscape of The Arno Valley, and the Virgin and Child with St. Anne and the infant St.John the Baptist.

For centuries people have wondered about her smile, her intriguing look, her sublime supernatural beauty.
An intimate and divine truth hidden for centuries at last unveiled in the Mona Lisa, and yes, treasures found in Leonardo's first recorded drawing, the Landscape of the Arno Valley and his masterpiece, The Virgin and Child with St. Anne and the infant St John the Baptist.
Images and symbols visible for all to see yet hidden ingeniously and intricately within the artist's drawings and paintings.

This is what I, Michael W. Domoretsky, am about at this point in my life, a divine knowledge search for the truth, within Leonardo's da Vinci's, "Pictures Within Pictures "

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The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci,Compiled and edited fromthe original manuscripts by Jean Paul Richter


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