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I am a 41 y/o dialysis nurse. I like to write, read fiction and currently fascinated with blogging, The nurse in me loves to help others. I have overcome many obstacles in my life and would like to help others do the same even better than me. My interest are politics, children's education, mental health, adoption, healthcare, the economy, mixed races, genetics, dialysis, chronic kidney disease, etc... I am an open book of ideas. How do you disprove an unknown? Just because you did not see it, touch it, feel it does not mean its not there. That would be like saying you can not prove infinity. I have never heard the expression it has been UNdiscovered there is no life after deaf. You discover, disclose, find, seek. When you find it thats that. You can't put it back or maybe just maybe you can... . .rearrange create and discover even more. It has been told to me that I am too smart for my own good. Maybe I am smart enough for the good of everybody?

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Books by Danielle Steele, VC Andrews, John Saul, Stephanie Meyers, Suzane Collins


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Girl Interrupted, Pet Semetary, Jumanji, Soul Plane, Why Did I Get Married?, Constantine, Wisdom, Along Came a Spider, Save the Last Dance

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