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A word about L DeSilva-Johnson:

Brooklyn native, gadabout, tortured/reticent academic, teacher of writing, prefers pin-striped man pajamas, likes hats and typesetting.

"I have never quite succeeded in getting used to existence, whether it be the existence of the world or of other people, or above all of myself. Sometimes it seems to me that the forms of life are suddenly emptied of their contents, reality is unreal, words are nothing but sounds bereft of sense, these houses and this sky are no longer anything but facades concealing nothing, people appear to be moving automatically and without reason; everything seems to melt into thin air, everything is threatened -- myself included -- by a silent and imminent collapse into I know not what abyss, where there is no more night or day. What magic power still holds it all together? And what does it mean...? And yet here I am..."

//Eugene Ionesco //

Local hangouts:

The in-betweens, danks and darks, rooftops and fire-escapes, precipices and monuments, sidewalks and basements, teacups and inkwells.


Ferdinand the Bull, The Maximus Poems, The Outsider, Diving Into the Wreck, How Proust Can Save Your Life, L'Imaginaire, Interrogating the Real, Imaginative Horizons, Mid Century American Poetry, American Gods, Devil in the White City, Glass Soup, The City of To-Morrow and Its Planning, Delirious New York, Ahab's Wife, Dreamland, 1937: The World of the Fair, Jimmy Corrigan: the Smartest Kid on Earth, In the Night Kitchen....


Music lovers against genre-ism!!! These days I'm likely to be listening to Serge Gainsbourg/various frenchies of the past, Dixieland and/or Django, Jets to Brazil/Jawbreaker, Bush, The Kinks, Motown, or Sonati(persian traditional music)...


Auntie Mame. Metropolis. Small Change. Persepolis. V for Vendetta. Gilda. Children of Men. Quills. Wilde. The Libertine. What a Way to Go! Requiem for a Dream. Spirited Away. La Strada. Brazil. Lola Rennt. Killer. Existenz. 12 Monkeys. 8 1/2.

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