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I'm a Bay Area newby attorney having thoughts of changing my career.

I'm the first in our family to be a lawyer. Being an idealist, I got into law for its ideals. What has me down as a newby attorney is the daily reality of dealing with unethical drama queen lawyers who will lie and cheat right out of the gate.

In my family, it's always been the joke that we are the American Melting Pot-Luck Global Family. It's our tradition to out-Americanize each other. At family get-togethers our pot-luck joke was what we brought. The goal was to bring some one into the family like no other member of the family. Or something like nothing else in the family. Once part of our family, we were fiercely protective of our eccentric ways and I know of no divorce. Family discussions are always stimulating.

As far as my family is concerned, our family history starts with those rebellious Mormons. And the center of our global family is San Francisco. My grandparents, I don't know how far back, great or great-great, were some of the Mormons who were sent by Salt Lake City elders to colonize Genoa, Nevada. The thought is they were Scottish. When the colony got the order to all evacuate back to SLC, my ancestors just said no. They instead moved to San Francisco for which they were excommunicated. Didn't much bother them. My ancestors experimented with many issues.

My family has explored Unity, Catholic, Christian Science, Baptist, Religious Science, Lutheran, Hindu, Judaism, and Buddhism. And hash, LSD and pot. Some are Vegans. My family's interests in life are unlimited. Both the men and women in my family were and are encouraged to get a college degree or two or three. Several members of my family were in The Peace Corp. I don't know of a single family member who entered any military voluntarily. None of us have ever been arrested. We have relatives all over the world. We have gay people in the family. We have various religions in the family. In my family runs the blood of every race and dozens of nationalities. At my family gatherings, I look around, and see it handsomely and beautifully represented. In me is Scottish, Chinese, English, Black, and Guatemala. It is expressed in me in a 5'10" small boned frame, with wavy dark brown hair, very little body hair, green eyes that have a hint of Asian tilt, and my skin tone is a warm and light brownish hue with a scant hint of yellow. My wife describes it as a permanent tan. She says that lying next to me is like lying in the comfortable sun on a cold fall day. I think lying next to my wife is like lying in a comfortable shade on a hot spring day. I have relatives that are flour white with straight blonde hair. I have other relatives that are swarthy and curly black-haired Others of my relatives are everything in between. I know that my children and my nieces and nephews will be the same as according to genetics, sometimes there is a blend such as me, others times there is a throwback to an ancestor.

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