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Me ? What can I tell you I am an Australian woman, living in Melbourne. Two adult daughters and a lovely, caring man by my side. Right at this point, in my life, I am studying to be a Civil Celebrant - I wanted to get away from the normal 9-5 office work (which yes I have been doing for too many years). I write (prolifically) anything from being a mum, a woman, living in Australia, humour, drama, bright, happy and bubbly to the melancholy the biting and the macabre. I have been blogging my 'works' for just on a year this September and a fellow 'blogger' - nay I shall call him a writer introduced me to this place, so I thought I'd kick off my shoes, get into something comfy, pour a wine and see where it takes me. Hopefully you will find what I write entertaining, amusing or sad enough to have you rushing for the tissue box. My thoughts are varied, my topics equally. Please let me know if you find anything interesting or have any questions. I'd be happy to answer (if I can). In the meantime, I hope you enjoy and thank you.

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Hmm home, Movies, Restaurants, horse riding, in front of my computer.


I sadly don't read as much as what I should. I use to before the blog world consumed me. I do like reading Jodie Picoult, Susan Lewis,Harold Carlton.


Anything from Pink to Andre Bocelli. Though not partial to Jazz, Rap or Heavy Metal.


Use to hate Sci-Fi but having a partner who enjoys it, I am slowly coming around, nothing too crazy mind you. Otherwise, dramas or 'chick-flicks', the odd murder mystery or 'light' horror (if there is such a thing).

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