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Hello to the Broos! I've been writing poetry since I was an angsty teen. I love to explore the written word and express myself in this way. Married at 17, I'm now about to celebrate a 22 year anniversary. Believe me you... that's a lot of years of poetic fodder! I also like to put myself in a different pair of shoes and write from that perspective as well. So while not everything I write about is first hand knowledge, I often times bare my own soul on paper and feel a compulsion to send it out into the universe. I hope you can catch a glimpse as it sails by.

Local hangouts:

Online, at work, under a dappled sunlit tree.


Oh, it's been soooo long since I've had time to read as much as I'd like!


My music tastes are eclectic and confusing! From the 40's to current with a long lay over in the 70's country and 80's pop regions. My love of music might assign me a theme song From Charly McClain's Radio Heart, to Eric Clapton's I've Got a Rock 'N Roll Heart


Some of my favorites: Get Shorty, Corrina Corrina, How To Train Your Dragon,

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