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I was named after the aqueduct where I was conceived and born during the Great Depression of Stardate 2731.4. I am a mercurial being dressing only in a loincloth and spent my early years traveling throughout the known and unknown universe of space and time. I have at times gathered around me many women from different worlds to make my life more joyous, but after ten thousand years of listening to their nagging, I decided to leave them all behind and take up life on this blue marble of a planet, where today I fight off intruders into my cubical dominion. I’m well known for my obsession with chocolate donuts and Bacardi rum toddies with little umbrellas. I have been known to put words to paper in a mind melting haphazard fashion that seems to please some people and has for far too long been ignored by the Nobel committee, the Pulitzer group and Reader’s Digest. A graduate of the School of Hard Knocks, I have yet to graduate from the School of Life.

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Black Cat Cabaret... Burning Windmill Bar...


‘How to avoid paying taxes’---by Al Capone… ‘Beauty tips’---by Whoopi Goldberg… ‘My summer vacation in Moscow’---by Napoleon… ‘I never met a bomber I didn’t like’---by OBL… ‘A thousand and one uses for tea leaves’---by Jim Beam… 'Elephant Feathers and Other Fables'---by G.T. Toateone...


yodling, tibetian bagpipes, one hand clapping, nazi marches


plan 9 from outer space, the creeping eye, anything with ben stein in it

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