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So much about this writer has changed since the first time tasked with filling this box I'll have to come back later and write something more reflective of the me at present, but since it says "A Word" for now I'll leave you with just that, a single word about me: Different. (More Later)

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I'm a hermit...


Pretty big list - in fact a gigantic one - I finally broke down and bougt a Kindle and as much as I love the feel of an actual book there's something amazing about being able to carry a thousand books in a single device... and given my distain for the state of present day films I've probably started reading about ten times more than I used to (which one could say is the only good thing about having nothing to watch there's plenty of time to read). As far as what I read pretty much anything from classics to modern lit to scifi - no fantasy though, never been my thing - I've always loved Philip K. Dick, Raymond Chandler, George Orwell, Aldus Huxley, Steinbeck, Nabakov, Philip Roth, William Goldman, Jerry Stahl, Jonathan Lethem, Gore Vidal... That's all I can think off top of my head really anything it depends what I'm feeling that week.


Will get carpel tunnel if written... Take my word for it, music beats the drum of my heart.


Movies have shaped the person in whom I am. This list is massive. Top three -- Magnolia -- Sunset Blvd -- Anatomy of a Murder. [Added Present, July '15 - it should be noted although I still love film and consider it to be my first love and passion and that will never change - I've become extremely disheartened and devistated over the state of the current film industry, again another thing I can go on and on about and probably would, but (in my mind anyway) film began it's decline after '09 and today it's at a point I fear there will be no recovery, and things will only get worse. Nothing saddens me more than this not so much for myself but for the younger generations growing up - remembering discovering the classics as a young man in my mothers basement spending entire nights watching films that left me breathless and inspired and shaped what I would do and become - today a film isn't made unless it has global appeal and started out as a comic book unless it's "award season" where it seems they actually try and manufacture what some guy in a suit tries to put together what he thinks those looking for more substance will like as if following a recipe when the truth is you can't force greatness it just happens and there isn't global appeal in "films of substance" so they say... Oh well at least there's television where a good show has six years of character development and more freedom for the artist to tell great stories and less suits getting in the way (on some channels that is, don't worry there's plenty of Kardashian Camel-Toe TV fucking up future generations of young girls as I write these very words) and with that I think I'll stop if I don't now I never will)

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