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Bush Taps Away At Civil Rights

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Presbyterian Church Will Allow For Ordination Of Glbt

A word about fashionista:

By Day: Fashion writer and web administrator.

By Night: Singer/songwriter, tree-hugging environmental activist, and a volunteer for a homeless shelter.

Local hangouts:

Bookstores, coffee shops, little diners, music venues, museums, and cute restaurants (sushi preferably).


How do I pick a favorite? I love fiction, fantasy fiction is always fun... The Gemma Doyle trilogy by Liba Bray is a good one. I also love classics, like Dracula, A handmaid's Tale, and The scarlet letter. As far as Prose, my recent favorite is, Eat, Pray, Love. I also love books about religion, philosophy, politics, meditation, etc. I just love to read...


My music interests vary about as much as my taste in books, but I usually say, if it takes some kind of talent I will probably like it. I don't like synthesized pop sounds fronted by a semi-talented singer who can't write. I do like almost every genre, as long as that person can actually sing, play an instrument, or at least attempt to write there own music. "Chicken Soup" songs do not fly in my book. If you want to see some true talent check out: Ella Fitzgerald Billie Holiday Bing Crosby Old Blue Eyes- Frank Sinatra or for more modern tastes: Pink Garbage Alanis Morissette Regina Spektor Anna Nalick Sheryl Crow Caedmon's Call PlayGirlz


Top 5 (of the moment): 1. Fight Club 2. American Beauty 3. Dirty Dancing 4. A Chorus Line 5. Stardust

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