Friday, February 22, 2019

Dan Maier's Profile

A word about Dan Maier:

Currently working as a database developer, Dan has tried on, modeled and sometimes worn many different career hats. Some of them fit snugly, some even matched the rest of his attire, but like most hats, they are more fun to change than they are to own. Dan has been a ballet dancer, a Broadway performer, a producer of feature films, theatre and music videos, a futures trader, a venture capitalist who has taken two companies from concept to publicly trading, and the chairman of a national not for profit organization. While an education was available to him, Dan chose to pursue a career in the arts to which he will testify, probably provided a much greater education than an education would’ve. As Yogi Berra once stated, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it”.

Local hangouts:

Lola's, Golf courses throughout LA, racquetball courts, Cheebo and anywhere else that people may congregate.


The last two books Dan read were, The Histories by Heroditus and Hells Angels by Hunter S. Thompson. Dan has been a fan of Charles Bukowski, Jack Kerouac, James Joyce, etc, etc.


Dan tends to put his iPod on Random and purchase music on a whim.


Cinema Paradiso, La Strada (Giulietta Masina is a dead ringer for his mother), Ed Wood and the Star Wars saga are among Dan's top favorites.

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