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A word about Cousin of Jesus:

Hello and Welcome to my page. I am the real live Cousin of Jesus the Christ (generations later). I am a descendent of Beriah, the son of Asher. Asher is one of the Biblical sons of Jacob (who's name changed to Israel after he fought an angel and won). And this is the main reason why I wear alot of red, most of the time. My cousin Jesus' family Coast of Arms/Crest colors are Red, Gold/Yellow, and Green. The original meaning of these colors is as follows: Red is symbolic for the color of Grounding, as in grounding yourself in your faith(trust) in Father (Alpha)-Mother (Omega) God (the Source of All Life). Gold is symbolic for the Golden Knowledge. For example: Idioms like, "Do unto others as you would have done unto you." And Green is symbolic for Healing. The Green color symbolic of healing is the reason why many meditation experts will tell you that it is best to meditate in nature. Green grass, green leaves on trees, etc. I am a Inter-Denominational Licensed Minister. My official title is Reverend for the specific style of service I provide. I don't plan to work full-time (only on a volunteer basis) until my husband's passing. (My husband is elderly and has more down days than good days healthwise. So, I need to take care of him alot.) I'm not uptight, I'm very open-minded, very multi-cultural. I understand and very tolerable of different cultural belief systems. This aspect of myself is not a bad thing, but a very very good things because it means that I have the experience and know-how to bring people together in LOVE. I really feel that LOVE is THEE most POWERFUL Force in all of creation! And I feel that love is the one thing that will bring us all together. If you want to know some of my financial blah blah's. I'm a Professional Writer AND Professional CopyWriter. I'm also a Certified Nutritional Specialist. When I was a teenager, I had a job in a Nursing Home then later in my 20's a Down Syndrome residence as a Candy Stripe. That was about the time, our delightful gov't decided to require Candy Stripes to get their C.N.A. (A regulation I didn't need! It was kind of silly to get a certification for the work I was already doing. I really felt it was our government's way of getting more money.) I moved away from my small blink town to get a better paying job in the big city. For many WONDERFUL years, I was a Research Analyst. I loved this kind of work. It really used my gifts AND great pay. But the boss lady eventually retired and closed the business because she couldn't find anyone to take it over. As a result, my co-workers and I lost our beloved job. I loved my boss because she was the most thoughtful gracious understanding boss I have ever known. She was really an awesome boss. Closing of the business was really sad. But... I found two part-time jobs that made up for the financial loss. In my early 30's, I was a Walgreens Cashier and Maintenance. One could say that Carpentry/Home Repairs is a family legacy. (Masonry) Then tragically, my dad got a tumor in his lungs and wasn't expected to live very long. As a result, I moved closer to home. My dad did manage to live longer than 1 year past the two months the Doctor said my dad had to live. It makes me giggle a little when I think about how determined my dad was to live longer. And he succeeded to live a few months longer. It was around this time that I met a wonderful man who is now my husband of 5 years (already). Since I had maintenance experience, my husband and I decided to become Home Repair and Inspection business partners. We enjoy working side-by-side. But my husband is getting older (70) and has decided to fully retire. When I get home repair orders, he still helps me build scaffolds and lift heavy windows because the tall ladders are heavy for me to lift on my own and some windows are huge and impossible to install by myself because you absolutely need someone holding the window in place while I screw/nail it in place. Anyways, my husband's mind is still mathematically sharp, so when I have a really intricate sharp angle etc, I'll ask him for help. So, I always bring him with me on the job. (FYI: Makes him feel useful, you know. Women Take Note: When men are older, they do not like to feel un-useful. Trust me on that ladies! Elderly men are very sensitive to feeling unuseful. They always compare their old selves to when they were younger/stronger. Getting old hurts men emotionally. So, give them a reasonable chore to do. Like helping you get an item off the top shelf if he is taller than you or have him fetch something for you. He'll be glad to help you AND you will make him feel like he's mighty man or something along those lines.) Lately, I've been thinking about my financial future. Such as when my husband is no longer with me IF I should outlive him (he's 70 and I'm 37). You know, the usual stuff we all think about; how our income isn't increasing while the normal monthly bills/rates are. (Water/sewer, Electricity, Propane, Property Tax, Auto Ins., etc.) Like you, I wish there were regulations preventing increase in rates. Anyhow... My goal is the following: I've been thinking about obtaining my C.N.A. (Certification as a Nurse Assistant), then work either full-time or part-time hours. I would like the CNA to be my base pay that way I can continue being a minister either voluntarily or God may have other plans for me to be full-time where needed. So, I'll find out what the future holds for me.

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Home The Family Diner Arnold Park The Art Center Church Recording Studios


Kabbalah The Healer's Manual St. Mary Magdalene Manuscripts The Book of Love by Jesus Christ The Second Messiah


Rock'n'Roll Jazz Country Opera Blues All kinds just nothing too old like "How Much is that Dog in the Window" I enjoy music that makes you feel like you can't help but get up and shake your tail feather.


-Fly Away Home -Taken (staring Dakota Fanning) -Stargate -Documentaries on Ancient Aliens and Technologies including UFO capablities. -Ghost Lab and Ghost Hunters -Jumper -Next (staring Nicholas Cage) -Indiana Jones (staring Harrison Ford) -King Arthor and the Knights of the Round Table -Paul (the Grey E.B.E. Note: This movie wasn't fabulous but it did have some nice one liners.) I enjoy paranormal stuff. My Grandfather was in Black Operations which is only part of the reason why I enjoy paranormal stuff (black ops is pretty heavy stuff from what I'm told by different soldiers etc.) and my family has a long history (since Adam and Eve) of alien involvement (which is really humanities involvement with E.T.s), so it's only understandable that I really enjoy stuff like E.T.'s, UFO technologies, Alien Technologies, Ancient Knowledge, learning ancient alien long forgotten languages and angelic languages including reading these languages which is pretty symbolic, and paranormal stuff like ghosts/spirits and different dimensions and intra-dimensions (space between the spaces of the matrix that surrounds us that we can't physically see cause we are not of that vibration YET).

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