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A word about avitadcosta:

I'm an avita writer and musician. I think some of you already know me. :-) Avi for short. I'm English and a history student. I love to write and I have an interest in a huge range of subjects, anything from history, politics, literature, film, art, witchcraft, travel and on and on. I'm also keen on sports, particularly riding and skiing. I'm highly gregarious and I love having good times. I'm a good and loyal friend and a hell of a lover! I'm a pagan, you see. :-)

Local hangouts:

Coffee houses, various music venues, small and unique places to grab a bite to eat, and bookstores I hang out at home as well. And, of course there's that deal called "work" which I also enjoy engaging with others and hopefully help university students as I counsel and advise them in hopefully figuring out their passion and plan for life.


The Alchemist, The Dark Tower, The Dancing Wu-Li Masters, The Natural... but ALWAYS looking for recommendations


Neil Diamond, The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkle, Michael Buble


Top Gun, American Beauty, Better Off Dead, 3 O'Clock High, Breakfast Club, Anchorman, Zoolander, The Big Lebowski

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