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I am a Chico State graduate with a major in Journalism living in Marin County. I work for a company that writes business newsletters to pay the bills but that is not where my writing passion lies. I worked on the newspaper in college as a news writer, features writer and the Online Editor. I also worked as an Assitant News Editor while on the national student exchange at the University of Massachusetts. After college, I moved to Ireland where I lived and worked for four months. I had the most amazing time and saw so much of the country while there, as well as London. I am always looking for ways to make life more exciting including traveling, socializing, and getting involved in different things that peak my interest. I am opinionated, something that can get me into trouble sometimes, but I do also listen to other people's points of view and work on understanding where they come from. I am a passionate person, what else can I say!

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San Francisco Bay Area


I love Jane Green, Lee Nichols, Marion Keyes, Lauren Weisberger, etc...I am a Chick-Lit lover... hate to admit it but love to read it! I like reading to escape and relax so anything too sad or overwhelming is too much for me. There is enough sadness in the world!


I like just about anything including Country, Rock, Alternative, Pop etc... I have grown out of Rap by now but do enjoy Hip Hop


Anchorman, Tommy Boy, Love Actually, Jerry Maguire, Tropic Thunder... pretty much anything with Will Ferrell in it! "Laughter is the Best Medicine"

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