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Is Shared Residence Becoming The Trend?

by Theresa H Hall (writer), East Coast USA, July 01, 2011

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It seems that more and more people today are finding a better way of life, by pooling their resources and sharing a residence.

I recall moving out of my Parents’ home and into my first efficiency apartment. It was one large room, with a full bath, and large walk-in closet (off the main room), and a tiny functional kitchen (I could barely turn around), but there was a small notion of a counter-top. No dishwasher though, unless you counted me, and back then I would let the dishes pile up. I met myself coming and going. My workdays and nightlife followed each other so closely, that I was barely and rarely home. I got about four to five hours sleep at night. This extreme living lasted a whole four months before I gave in and rented a shared flat with my best friend, her sister, and her best friend. There were three of us in the huge master and the other girl had a small bedroom to herself. It worked for us and the rent was so cheap! I suddenly realized I had more money to spend on dining and dancing four nights of the week!

There were perhaps three years of sharing different pads, negotiating with new roommates (we tended to move about quite a bit), compromising on the cleaning responsibilities and sometimes having to clean their mess as well as mine. I finally moved back in with my then-single Mother, and we had a blast. We were roommates, who 98% of the time got along. We had rules, of course, but living with someone mature enough to be disciplined and do her agreed-upon chores was rather pleasurable. I had cooking duty as she didn't cook, which worked out well, and being able to agree on things was relaxing. Really it was. Then there were another six years with friends and family before I got married.

I haven't lived alone since my first place and I like it this way. Family, friends, husband ... are the same, they're all roommates. Getting along under the same roof is imperative. The primary issues being trust, safety, responsibility, friendliness, and a peaceful atmosphere. They are vital to a good home life. Being married, especially without children, is still a roommate situation. There are basic rules to follow, chores and duties for each partner to do.

Lately, a lot of people in this economy find the loss of a job, and or lack of money compounds their financial woes. Disharmony begins to wear down their once rosy atmosphere. Partners break up. A once happily wedded couple find their marriage has crumbled, and it ends in sad divorce. What then? Still across the USA, men and women are inhabiting the same property, because they cannot afford to separate legally, or begin divorce proceedings. They're trapped, forced by this economy and the poor job market, to stay together in order to survive. I applaud them for being both frugal and smart.

Every day in America, individuals are finding it practical to locate someone to partner with. "It seems that more and more people today are finding a better way of life, by pooling their resources and sharing a residence." The benefits are numerous and in many instances are considered a healthy approach, because they permit people to breathe easier again. There is shared support in shouldering the burden of maintaining household chores; cleaning, cooking and dishes can be divided. When food is shared there is less waste, and it certainly stretches further. Families who have had to split up because of divorce have found that by joining with another family, the children can bond and share playtime together (when they’re not fighting like cats and dogs). Also, there is the added good sense of shared babysitting, carpooling, and other activities performed in their new roles.

Two families in the home is becoming a normal and necessary way to live. Thankfully, many people quickly adapt to this change in their lives. Sharing is always better, or so my middle sister has always told me, and I believe that more people will seek to pool their finances in order to have access to a more agreeable life.

If you find yourself faced with an intolerable situation, see if there is someone out there, who might be looking for someone like you, who could help put their life back on firmer ground.

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By Theresa H Hall on July 01, 2011 at 07:47 pm

I believe I would love to find a great house with separate living spaces and general shared living and a huge kitchen. The right mix of personalities is imperative if everyone is to feel comfortable. It would be such a nice way to enjoy the day by sharing a large meal, wine, conversation and relaxing the worries of the day away. Very French!

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By Theresa H Hall on July 08, 2011 at 01:27 am

Cher, I will have this in my lifetime, yet. I can smell the scented candles and the bread, hot out of the oven. I see the green of the sliced avocado among the boston lettuce and the full glass of red wine. There is laughter and music and conversation floating and filling the veranda as the sun sinks below the horizon. Tonight there will be plenty of steamed mussels, new fingerling potatoes baked with lots of garlic and butter. Tips of the most tender asparagus will lie beside prime rib a perfect rare with au jus. And a cheese board for after the meal.

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