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Plain and simple, what is love?

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How can anyone get love if he or she doesn't know what LOVE is?

What doesn't make sense? Everything. All these years gone by and still the same issue. How does one recognize real love? I'm not without some bit of understanding. Yes, I know that love is more than an emotion. I know love is action and sticking through the worst of times and not just enjoying the relationship. But I'm sick. I really mean it. My stomach gets all turned upside down even thinking about it.

Why can't love be like a great meal? I love shrimp cocktail, Caeser salad, T-bone steak or Prime rib. And oh, let's consider a nice chocolate mousse. But I can't find it made with milk chocolate. There's always that semi-sweet chocolate and then some sort of alcohol. I don't like alcohol. It just ruins the taste. And semi-sweet...well it's sweet or it's not. And semi-sweet is not sweet. Okay. I veered from LOVE to chocolate. Hmm, maybe that tells me something.

I have read poetry and amazing articles that talk about love, finding love, experiencing true love and making a lot of love. But I'm not sure that I really get it. And in my mid 40s, shouldn't I be able to get it? What am I missing? Apparently, I'm missing quite a bit.

It would be helpful if love were a color. I could handle seeing periwinkle or magenta everyday. Anything in the reds, blues, purples spectrum would all work as well. Love has been described, analyzed, diagnosed, found, crushed, beaten, killed, made, revived, lifted up high, given, taken, fought over and...well, choose your verb of choice. I still don't get it. I don't get what that 'it' is.

I understand loving my children. I understand the compassion that I love to share when I can. I understand my love for peanut butter cravings and vinegar-soaked cucumber slices. I understand my deep love for the sound of the ocean where God lives. But it all comes back to not understanding what love is, what it really looks like and tastes like and sounds like. I mean more than the hot, sweaty, crazy kind. Even hours of that isn't 'it.'

So, if I don't know what love is, how can I know how to recognize it if this "I don't know" shows up on my doorstep? How does anyone ever know if what he or she thinks is love, really is love anyway?

It should be noted that I've taken plenty of 'Rate Your Love' tests, too. Truth be told, after the first few tests, the tests themselves became more of something to do than something that would provide any real answer. And of course, I didn't find out what the 'it' was that defined love or if I had 'it' or even some of 'it' but the love tests did pass the time.

No matter what I read, listen to, watch, experience or what not, I'm at my wits end. So, what is love? What does it look like, sound like, feel like and where in the world can you find it? If you know where love is, can you provide an address?

And one more thing. When you find love, how in the world do you keep it?


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3 comments on Plain and simple, what is love?

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By Shari G on August 05, 2011 at 04:48 pm

"When you find love, how in the world do you keep it?"

When you "find" love, only the search for that person to love is over. You then begin the adventure and discovery on HOW to love that person. :)

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By BusinessLife on August 09, 2011 at 11:53 pm

Tired of Previews: Love and seems to make sense. But I'm also a fan of bold colors and am visually-stimulated by color. Thanks for your kind comments.

Garry Crystal: You have a point. With the U.S. economy not seeming to improve much at all, I might as well find out the secret to keeping love. This goal may be more realistic than seeing our country return from a continuous state of panic and anxiety. So glad you are visiting and sharing your work! :)

Shari G.: First I have to find love. (Sigh.) Currently, I am taking a sabbatical from the stuff. My track record does not show that I am up for the long-term. And this is really the secret to a lasting's more than feelings. Love is living it and actively making it exist.

TAZZone: I can totally appreciate and support your definition of love as an air conditioner!! I LOVE MY AIR CONDITIONER!! For now, it's my cool comfort at the end of everyday. :)

Thanks for the comments. They are all appreciated.

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By Robbie on October 16, 2015 at 06:52 pm

The word love doesn't mean that it must come in the form as we imagine it. Love is everything and everywhere around us!

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