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A Medal Of Honor

Credit: Department of the armed forces. Army
A current day Army Medal of Honor

Are we to continue to allow ourselves to be driven like cattle in having to seek recognition or ready to defend … any cause?

Why is ours a world of badges and medals? This is a very good question to ponder since we just passed another Memorial Day. I question why we seek to join clubs, win badges of prestige and Medals of Honor? Who decided to use these little ribbons and coins of glory as measurements of our loyalties? Why do we strive so to accumulate decorations so that they can be displayed, seen and noticed?

I give thought to this matter because I have been deeply saddened from the time I could understand about war, and joining clubs, and societal displays of ones own dedications to a particular thing. I can now see that from a young age we were already in training for the motivating force or reason we needed to do all this. "Are we to continue to allow ourselves to be driven like cattle in having to seek recognition or ready to defend … any cause?"

Why, I ask the Universe, do the world’s inhabitants seek to inflict their domineering nature over another? So much so, that we need to drawn innocent people together to protect, defend and honor. Why must our loved ones be hurt or made to leave their families or lose precious limbs, cease to retain some of their physical abilities or lose their sacred lives.

Those families or people who have never had any connection with the military, lost a loved one or friend, or even had a relative serve our country, some of them can understand a bit of the sadness that others feel, when it is time to think about those brave men, women, children and pets, who have served our country well. Unfortunately there are some of those people who know, understand and simply do not care … just as long as it’s someone else’s family member. As long as they are left alone and can continue to reap the benefits of living in a country that is free.

Countless heroes have given their lives in service for us and they paid the last sacrifice. Another final sacrifice are those heroes who come home broken, maimed, and spiritually damaged. It doesn’t stop there. These brave heroes have the daily reminder of what they gave up for our country, and for the people of other countries, by protecting the freedoms for which we pledge our allegiance. Their families end up damaged and changed, because after battle, many of these loyal heroes seem to be forgotten. Did they get it wrong? Did they do what they did in vain? How sad if this turns out to be the truth.

My message is this, pure and simple. Our lives, each one of us are so sacred, special and a complex miracle. What I want to know is why don’t we all just decide to change? Why do we not want to join hands and love one another? Why would anyone want to snuff out the life of another? Why would we ever willingly choose not to love and honor them? Why must people feel the need to nurture their negative tendencies of jealousy, or cynicism to feel good about them?

If each one of us took my advice then we could live in peace and harmony. It takes a collective conscience to carry out change … but I have faith that we can do it. Yes … together we can make this change. Are you ready to change the collective mindset?

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4 comments on A Medal Of Honor

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By Theresa H Hall on June 01, 2011 at 02:23 pm

You could be on to something and for me I care not who our leaders are, as long as they go along with my plan for peace.

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By Lynda Lehmann on June 01, 2011 at 04:21 pm

Life has been a struggle for power, forever. The weakest people scramble for power the most, because they are empty inside.

In keeping with your commentary, people wear not only their self-perceived social status on their sleeves, but also their national pride and even their religions. All the emphasis on what's outside, splits us from our inner selves, disguises us too ourselves and others.

Yes, I agree, each person is sacred. The more so if they have a full inner life and are capable of compassion and empathy. But sadly, the struggle for survival is engrained in us and I don't know how far we are going to evolve from our rather primitive, self-serving natures.

But we can each transform ourselves as a meager Beginning to a better world.

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By Theresa H Hall on June 01, 2011 at 08:34 pm


Another great response. You and Melody are sharing with us your thoughts, which only help to round out my article. Much appreciation.

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By Barkha Dhar on June 19, 2011 at 06:07 pm


This is a very persuasive and impressive piece. You have asked some very valid and thought provoking questions. I totally agree with you that it needs collective conscience to engender change. It is high time that we spawned and spread this thought! Great article. Too good.

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