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LAUSD Targets School Librarians.

by wolviela (writer), Los Angeles, May 18, 2011

School Librarians fight for their rights in LAUSD

So a lawyer goes to his firm’s librarian and ask for some research…..

As a Graduate student finishing up her degree in Library Science, yes you do need a Master’s Degree, I am appalled at the recent shenanigans that LAUSD is pulling on the school libraries and librarians.

In Hector Tobar editoral in the L.A. Times,,0,3002882.column?page=2, he describes the interrogation of school librarians who have to justify keeping their jobs.

Perhaps I’m wrong here, but can someone tell me if the politicians, lobbyists and upper LAUSD management just exited the womb learning how to read? I’m going to take a stab here and say no, just like those reading this, at least some of you, ahem, older readers, can remember having a school library and visiting it, or going on a field trip to the local library or the librarian that came to the school.

While it is true that in order to be a librarian in K-12 school one needs a teaching credential , our jobs as librarians are to educate. I don’t recall that we had to be in a specific environment to do that, and in fact I’d bet my future career that most children have been inspired to read or learn something outside the classroom setting. I know I was.

It’s statements that this featured in Tobar editorial, “Later she told me: "I know I'm doing my job right when a student tells me, 'Mrs. Lagasse, that book you gave me was so good. Do you have anything else like it?' that tells me this.

I wonder really, how much of this money is saving the district or how much of it will be going into their pockets at the end of the year when they give themselves a fat bonus. How much teachings have any of these LAUSD officials done, or these lawyers?

Let’s compare the D.A. salary 58,032 starting to a School librarian $33,263 - $54,980. Anyone knows going into a library profession is not because of the money, I’m not so sure we can say that for a lawyer.

In a nation that is fixated on what come out of Hollywood, LAUSD is making a mockery of education by doing this, just like LAUSD turned down Jamie Oliver’s Food Nation, makes me wonder what is LAUSD’s agenda. Does LAUSD want to contribute not only the obesity of children but the illiteracy as well? I think it’s time to get off the “those who have and those who have not” mentality in education and just educate.

Perhaps is a previous Governor was not busy with extracurricular activities, education may have taken priority, but then again most politicians don’t send their children to public school, gee, I wonder why?

It a place like L.A. where there is so much money to be had, ahem, 1.2 mil an episode, Is it really that hard to invest in our future?

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By Lady D on May 18, 2011 at 08:40 pm

My sister is a research librarian. She works in Brooklyn. Yes she went to school forever. O'Henry made me want to read, I found him at the school library.

Thanks for caring

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