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A Divided America is a Broken America

by D. E. Carson (writer), , January 10, 2011

Perhaps we should change the name of the nation to the “Untied States”

As a general rule, this writer takes Saturdays and refuses to look at, listen to or read the news from any source, but out of curiosity, he logged into his Facebook account late Saturday afternoon to discover that Representative Gabriella Giffords had been critically wounded by a deranged gunman who obviously checked his sense of right and wrong at the door before approaching the gathering. Within hours of Giffords’ shooting, anti-gun activists were howling for more gun control laws and radical left-wing blogs were heaping blame for the incident on Republicans who were nowhere near Arizona at the time of the shooting. The leaps of logic were far beyond those portrayed by anyone in the media up to this event. Conclusions of Grand Canyon proportions were leapt with the mere stroke of a keyboard by those who would have the citizenry of America believe that George W. Bush masterminded the 9/11 attacks.

But the shooting of Representative Giffords shows one glaring truth that no one on either side of the argument is willing to acknowledge: that the terrorists have won.

The muslim extremists who carried out the 9/11 attacks on America had one goal in mind: divide the nation so that it would be easier to conquer. They are not fools. They are not even ignorant. In fact, they are far more knowledgeable about America than most Americans. They know how our Constitution works and they have been playing it like a finely tuned Steinway on stage at Carnegie Hall. They have a sympathizer (whether willing or unwilling) in George Soros who wants to see the end of American capitalism for one reason: he makes more money. It was Soros who single-handedly brought the economy of Great Britain to the verge of collapse. His motive was just to see if he could do it. Once he determined that he could and realized how much money he could make doing it, he set his sights on the one currency that held the global economy together: the U.S. Dollar. It is impossible to say that Soros is in cahoots with Osama bin-Laden, although if such a connection were to ever be discovered this writer would not be in the least surprised. However, both men have one common goal in mind: the destruction of the United States.

In the eyes of muslim extremists, the United States is a sworn enemy of islam by virtue of US support of Israel. Leaders in the islamic religion have made it crystal clear that they cannot tolerate the existence of Israel as a nation and that anyone found to support Israel is by association an enemy of islam. Even Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has openly stated his nation’s desire that “Israel be wiped off the map”. So there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that islam is hell-bent for leather to see the obliteration of Israel. But in order to obliterate Israel, the islamic leaders know that they cannot directly assail Israel without incurring retaliation from the United States. Therefore, for the plan to work, a jihad must be declared against the United States. Osama bin-Laden knows that he cannot afford to instigate a direct military attack against the United States therefore, he utilizes the tactic of terrorism to divide and conquer. He knows that if he can bring the people of America to fight among themselves, he can defeat America.

So far, it would seem that he has been successful.

He does not need a second major attack like 9/11. Even with the failure of United Flight 93 to find its intended target, Osama bin-Laden’s plan has worked – and in some cases better than he may have hoped. The smoke over New York harbor had barely cleared when conspiracy theorists began floating ideas that 9/11 was an inside job. Over and over stories and videos began to appear all over the Internet claiming that it was a missile that struck the Pentagon and that explosives actually brought down the Twin Towers and WTC7 – all coming from a vast network of Americans who were so angry that George W. Bush had won the election in 2000 they would stop at nothing to undermine his presidency. To this day, groups are still attempting to find ways to convict George W. Bush for 9/11 and they do so at their own peril.

Here is how the divide and conquer tactic works. Terrorists linked to al Qaeda are trained and sent to perform a massive act of terrorism. After they succeed, the United States puts up a front of unity claiming that “the sleeping giant has awakened” and that under no circumstances will those involved beyond the 19 dead hijackers be allowed to go free. The united front remains strong until March 2003 when the US invades Iraq for the purpose of ousting then president Saddam Hussein. The invasion follows NINTEEN resolutions issued by the United Nations (a joke of an organization if there ever were one) demanding that Hussein allow weapons inspectors back into the country or else…they’ll issue another resolution. Face it, folks, the UN is as worthless as mammary glands on a male hog and for the United States to wait until the UN decides to pull its head out of its ass makes as much sense as a pre-fabricated post-hole. The invasion of Iraq, whether you agree with it or not, causes a rift within the citizenry of America and people begin to choose sides. The problem is that the press, instead of remaining neutral, also chooses sides and begins working to undermine President Bush with the eventual falsifying of documents which were touted as authentic by then CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather. This was no doubt his “Vietnam Speech” however, Dan failed to realize that he did not have the trust of the American people that his predecessor, the late Walter Cronkite had and his plan backfired making him the most DIStrusted person in America. The media have a duty to report the news – not comment on it.

Getting back to divide and conquer: conspiracy theorists begin publishing their “alternate reality” theories about what happened on 9/11 and like children in a candy shop, the people begin to devour the story. Some believe the hype, some don’t. This increases the rift between the two schools of though and the polarization continues to grow. Meanwhile, George Soros seizes on the opportunity to manipulate the currency market in his favor seeing that America’s economy has been shaken by 9/11. Again, there is no attempt here to draw a connection between Soros and bin-Laden; this writer is merely focusing on the coincidental occurrences of both 9/11 and the destabilization of the American economy following the attacks of 9/11. At the same time, banks are handing out mortgages as if they were toasters to people who merely register 98.6 on the Fahrenheit scale thus contributing to a housing bubble that is going to burst in a very bad way. When it does, two presidents will be left with a great deal of egg on their faces, albeit the current sitting president takes the bulk of that hit.

The whole time this is all going on, muslims are beginning to exert their Constitutional rights within America and choose to build a mosque within three blocks of the World Trade Center – again widening the rift between the people. Bin-Laden is getting happier and happier by the minute. He hasn’t had to execute another 9/11-sized attack on America and the country is self-destructing on its own with the shooting of Representative Giffords just another stepping stone on the way to America’s demise. It’s a dream come true to anyone who wanted to destroy a nation. America is on the verge of collapse and her people are fighting among themselves and ignoring the real problems at hand all because they are all too greedy or too stupid or both to care.

Sadly, there are those who will read this article and scoff at it. They will say that it is people like this writer who are contributing to the rift and that by blaming the muslims, this writer is hateful, bigoted, racist and other kind words. This writer is not blaming the muslims – he is blaming the Americans who are too blind, stupid and greedy to recognize that they are doing the dirty work of those who wish to see American die. Words like “racist”, “hate”, “bigot” and “angry” are used by people who are too stubborn to admit when they are wrong. Those words are used to shut down dialog – not promote it. Those words are used in the execution of intolerance – something both sides claim to be yet hardly show toward each other with liberals being far more guilty than conservatives. People who are intolerant, bigoted, racist and angry use those exact words to point out those attributes of those with whom they do not agree because those who use those words see those attributes in themselves. It is a fact that people recognize faults in themselves then point out those faults in others to hide those faults in themselves.

America has always been a nation that stood together as one nation when someone or something threatened its sovereignty. Now threats to that sovereignty are coming from all directions and Americans are too busy screaming at each other to notice. We’re all Americans first, period. We should want what is best for the nation because when the nation succeeds, the people will succeed and when the people succeed, the nation will succeed. Abraham Lincoln said it best when he said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand” and he was right. With hyphenated Americans (African-American, Asian-American, European-American) we are divided Americans. We cannot be divided Americans. We must be Americans.

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By D. E. Carson on January 12, 2011 at 11:00 am

Joseph, I have to admit, I have been considering writing a massive piece of satire for a very long time, but now that you have heightened awareness of the possibility, I think I will put that project on hold indefinitely.

As for an apology, I will not apologize upon the recommendation of Category Five or anyone else for that matter. I do not apologize for anything I write. I am entitled to my opinion which is based on what I see and hear in the main scream media and not, as Captain Blowhard erroneously believes, on Fox News. I temper what I read in the news with what I know of history -- something Category Five repeatedly fails to do -- and draw conclusions from there. I do not need Rupert Murdoch to guide my thinking, I do my own thinking. I do occasionally watch Bill O'Reilly for his humorous view on things, but I have not watched him this week because I know most of his show will be dedicated to analyzing what happened in Tucson and frankly, after four days, the story is old, tired and stinks like rotting flesh. I am sorry for what happened but enough is enough. Most television news programs over-analyze big stories like Tucson to the point that people become desensitized to the real tragedy of what happened. So to Category Five, all I can say is, if you're holding your breath waiting for me to apologize for anything, you might want to hook yourself to a ventillator...unless you like hypoxia...

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By D. E. Carson on January 12, 2011 at 11:38 am

On second though, I will apologize...I apologize for Hurricane Dweeb for being such a narrow-minded liberal hack. He says that I questioned Obama's birthplace but he never once remembered that I wrote a piece in which I proved otherwise. And Hurricane Dweeb actually replied to that article! Here's the gist: Regardless of where Obama was born, under USC Title 8, Chapter 12, Subchapter III, Part I, Section 1401, paragraph e which states: "The following shall be nationals and citizens of the United States at birth: (e) a person born in an outlying possession of the United States of parents one of whom is a citizen of the United States who has been physically present in the United States or one of its outlying possessions for a continuous period of one year at any time prior to the birth of such person", Obama is a citizen of the United States and Constitutionally eligible to be president. Obama's mother was a natural born citizen of the United States and fulfilled the requirement of being "physically present in the United States...for a continuous period of one year at any time prior to the birth of such person." (ephasis added).

My subsequent calls for Obama to produce his birth certificate is to shut down the so-called "birthers" because I'm tired of hearing them make fools of themselves. I've always said that if it is possible to impeach and remove Obama from office that it must be done for legitimate reasons -- not trumped up stupidity. I also asked in my article exactly what was Obama trying to hide. So far, in the months since that article was published, officials from Hawaii have come forward acknowleding that the so-called "Certificate of Live Birth" is not the official "birth certificate" and that such a long form certificate does exist but they are forbidden from producing it in public. This does lead conspiracy theorists to conclude that the short form is false, however, I do not subscribe to this thinking. I want to know everything about the man who holds the title of President of the United States. Why can't he just produce the official document? What is he hiding? If he has nothing to fear, what's the harm in producing it?

Interestingly enough, HDweeb also suggested that I was wrong to compare Obama to Hitler (btw: his name is spelled German heritage cannot allow you to get away with your ignorance of the German language in that fashion). Both men were great orators, both men had women swooning and fainting at his speeches, both men were seen as saviors of their nations, both men sought to implement radical changes in the national government, both men detailed their plans in books for all to read -- yet few did, both men sought complete control over the national media, both men rallied the youth of their nation to blindly follow their cause, both men used/plan to use government agents to enforce unreasonable and unpopular legislation and neither man revealed much about his past while in the spotlight (Hitler was Austrian with Jewish heritage). The major difference though is that Hitler at least served in the military...

I never made comparisons to Chairman Mao...I merely called Obama "Chairman MaObama". Why didn't you mention my calling him "HRH Obama" either? After all, he acts like he's King Obama...

Why is it, Hurricane Dweeb, that you are allowed to publish articles in which you lambaste conservatives but I am not allowed to lambaste liberals? Are you secretly wishing for the implementation of the Fairness Doctrine? Are you secretly wishing that only the liberal point of view be brought to light? Last time I checked, Freedom of Speech extends to both sides. The difference is that my articles are published as Op/Ed pieces and you publish yours as if you are stating facts.

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By Libdrone on January 19, 2011 at 09:08 am

(wondering what the heck this act of violence by a guy suffering mental illness-- who does not seem to have been motivated by any particular political or religious agenda-- has to do with Muslim extremists....)

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