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Breaking Up For Cowards

by Deborah Horton (writer), Montana, February 20, 2019

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A new website will dump your significant other for a fee of course.

A new website titled IDump4U will break up with your significant other for a fee. The fee varies based on what type of breakup you are interested in. The site will even be so kind as to record the break up conversation for you so that you can play it later if you want. It used to be over the phone break ups were bad. Then, it progressed to text or email break ups. But now, for a price, you can have someone do it all for you. No muss, no fuss, it's breaking up for cowards.

The site offers $10 for a basic break-up, $25 to call off an engagement and $50 for a divorce. You can, as the coward, take the time to write down the reasons for your break up and they will go over them with your significant other. Of course, the site will publicize on its front page the details of your break up. No last names of course, but there it is, right there, all the gory details.

The site claims that by doing it this way, offering reasons for the break up, taking out the emotion of a face to face encounter, you can help to "educate" the person you are dumping so they don't make the same mistakes again. They claim they collect the info about the person you want to break up with, have no emotional investment, and then they can do the break up as honestly and truthfully as possible.

Of course, they get around the legal ramifications of taping phone calls by having a legal explanation on their site. Basically, as long as they inform the calls are being taped, then it's legal. Parties involved can get them to take down calls by contacting them and some of the calls might not end up on YouTube, but I can bet you a huge number will. A lot of Americans apparently love to see and hear people getting humiliated in public.

This site is probably going to do huge business. There are so many people in relationships who when they want out resort to cowardice to do so. This offers them the ultimate in no responsibility and lack of character. Have someone do it for you and make it as humiliating as possible. It's anonymous and it's fun for everyone right? Probably not so much for the person being dumped. No matter how it's done, it's almost never fun for the dumpee, unless of course they have come to realize that the person they are with is a coward without character. Then, it's probably time for a party.

The site IDUMP4U is located here where you can find all the info on what they offer and how it works. After seeing this site, I think a series of blogs on character and cowardice may be in order.

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