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The Evolution of Broo and You

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What would you do?

Order Up! Regular or Decaf, Latte With or Without Foam? How Do You Want Your Broo?

A few months ago, BusinessLife posted a classified ad on the BrooWaha Back Page, titled "A New Business Plan Available & Customized for You." Being curious, I replied to her offer and just as she had promised, within a day I received a detailed message, laying out in a succinct manner, a clear path and vision for BrooWaha.

The valuable lesson, or take-away is that:

1-We are all connected at degrees far fewer than we may realize here at BrooWaha

2-"The Broo Community," is a smaller part of the larger Internet community giving you access to quality resources we, as a group and individually have yet to fully explore

3-The variety of developed skills and knowledge and wisdom among our community may hold the key to the next evolution of "The Broo"

The truth is, together, as a community we are able to assist each other in reaching our individual goals, far more effectively, and efficiently than we would alone.

Many of us were taught that the business world operates using a zero-sum game. This means that when one side wins the other side must lose. However, zero-sum game thinking has run its course. Some still play the game of life and business this way. To some, there must be a winner and a loser. Unfortunately for them, this view of business and life is almost, if not totally extinct.

Today's business world has new rules and new paradigms. The business world runs on what it can create in a united effort. The goal is to join forces, and together, create something even more valuable than was initially available. In business, the term frequently used for this is "synergy." However, it is not a simple formula of 1 + 1 = > 2. Creationism in business is far more than putting two things together whose value is greater than the same two when separated.

Creationism in business is a way of being. It is how you develop your business relationships and continue meaningful, two-way communication with your partners, employees and customers. It is not a buzz word used to impress a point. It is a shift in the way we think about business and the importance of the human element when it comes to reaching success.

BusinessLife is one of the people on BrooWaha who "walks her talk" and lives in a state of creation. In the past, someone posting a classified saying, "I'll analyze your business for free," certainly was thinking, "bite on this and I win." BusinessLife didn't post the classified with any hidden agenda. She is genuinely interested in helping other people in their businesses and their personal lives.

She has a level of consciousness and caring that has grown past that of someone who plays zero sum games. She cares about the ecology of outcome. When I wrote to her, she responded with the following questions, suggestions and comments.

There are many other questions and ideas, so please read BusinessLife's message, which she agreed I could post, and share your ideas, comments and suggestions. The next evolution of The Broo can and only will succeed when we listen to everyone's input offering positive growth and opportunity for us all. With this in mind, please share your ideas in the spirit of kindness and not from a place of "having to be right."

Thank you BusinessLife for taking your precious time to send me the following analysis:


"The back page article did a lot to intrigue me while helping me understand your current dilemma and want for a better understanding of BrooWaha and the idea of this online news service as a place one must have on his/her daily morning online review list before starting the work day.

Just like the big newspapers that are all online, the concept of this paper has never been an actual paper. If I am to understand correctly, it has always served its purpose via the Internet.

Challenge: How to make BrooWaha a viable money making business.

Solution: Grow brand awareness.

Some initial questions/considerations before I get started:

Where did the name BrooWaha originate?

What does BrooWaha mean?

Who makes up BrooWaha today?

Who exactly is your target audience? (age, geographic reach, annual income, male/female, race/culture, etc.)

What are the various writers' backgrounds? There is an opportunity to leverage a more robust showing of your talent than what is showcased presently.

How committed are you and the BrooWaha team to being a hard editorial staff?

"No typos or errors in grammar get through." Although you may consider having some way to have an article sent back to the writer with bolded words that had to be corrected, I wouldn't suggest kicking any writer out as you probably know great columnists count on editors to catch things of this nature. While their work, overall is fabulous, it's the price one must pay to keep great writers.

And the back page contest had errors as well. We, as writers can often find it hard to edit our own work. The best rule of thumb is to encourage every writer prior to entry to read his/her article outloud before he/she submits it. This, as you know often helps catch errors.

For instance, here is the back page contest information that is published and available for readers. I have bolded and italicized any possible error I found. As an editor yourself, this is not to be taken as criticism but to show that to take this BrooWaha to the next level and establish its value, grammar errors and punctuation must cease to exist. Of course, this would be the goal. Unfortunately, some errors slip by even the most respected of publications in print or online.

History of Broo (no, it's not boring)

It has probably been a year since we (the guys who messed up "the original Broo" got involved) with BrooWaha -- hey remember Classic Coke? -- and I continue to struggle with questions about the site, that perhaps you can clarify.

The Struggles

The name BrooWaha was the first struggle my synapses (I can't think that this is the word you wanted to use as the meaning is: " The side-by-side association of homologous paternal and maternal chromosomes during early meiotic prophase." had. It was more like a synaptal (I could not find this word defined. I may just not have the right resources.) fight. What the ph... does a BrooWaha mean? I'm over it now, and so should you be. If not, I don't know what to tell you. For me, BrooWaha is like fine caviar or oysters or some other thing that one grows to appreciate more with time and it 'aint wine. (did you mean do have a closed parantheses here?)

Today's Struggle with Broo
Of course, when you solve one struggle another one pops up. The new one is "can BrooWaha truly be called a Citizen Newspaper?"

The reasons why it shouldn't be are obvious. It's not a paper. There is no evidence of a dead tree when you look at Broo. Yet Wikipedia and other respected sources have no issue calling it a Newspaper. So, what's a person to do?

Perhaps it's a journal? I don't know. I find myself constipated when I try to say say (extra word by accident)"BrooWaha, The Citizen Journal." That sounds so BlahWaha. Who'd want to read a Journal unless they (he or she is) are being paid to read it or write for it?

Since, I don't have the answer. (sentence fragment) If you do, please email or post it on Broo's new back page.

The Broo'ing of an Idea
Instead (consider eliminating the word altogether or add a comma following the word,'instead.' I would recommend eliminating the word. It's a long sentence already and your point is made just the same without it.) I decided that since not much about BrooWaha makes sense to me, aside from the fact that you, the authors are brilliant, amazing, spectacular and outstanding writers and communicators, that we would add a real life Back Page to BrooWaha. Yes. That's right.

Yes, a real ph... Back Page (my uncle says "the ph word" when he doesn't want to swear. I don't get that either. Just say fuck. Like Nike does. It's far less annoying. Saying the "ph word" almost gives me the same feeling as I get calling Broo a Newspaper. p.s. Sorry if I offended you, however he offends me when he doesn't say fuck.

So as of now, BrooWaha has a Back Page to an online NewsPaper -- that doesn't really exist. The reasoning behind this decision, is since Broo is called paper, why not have a back page.

Yet, unlike most newspapers where the back page is reserved for "toilet sitting men reading the sport's section." (may consider to add a hyphen to 'toilet-sitting' while also eliminating the punctuation at the end as this is not a complete sentence) to escape from whatever lies or doesn't outside those doors, the Broo Back Page has NO SPORTS.

Instead, the new Broo Back Page is dedicated to finding "cool." I quote the word cool, since a recent article by Broo member and author Julian Gallo, titled, "The Death of Cool" clearly makes some valid points about cool being dead.

Yet despite "cools" (cool should be in the possessive form, cool's) burial, we proceed. The Back Page is dedicated to the pursuit of cool.

The Broo Back Page Contest
And, to jump start the Back Page, as it's empty right now, we are having a BrooWaha Contest. A contest, where you win prizes for writing cool articles. Though if you knew what the prizes were ahead of time, that wouldn't be cool. It would make too much sense for BrooWaha. Plus, you'll never get to know the rules either. So, don't ask. Just kidding. You can ask.

**The New Broo Back Page

Features the following categories:

Beauty | Courage | Interviews | Inspiration | Personals | Persuasive | Classifieds

Why are their (need to change the word, 'their' to 'there' and need to add the word, 'no') personals and classifieds?

  1. Not to make money.
  2. These sections are free.
  3. Personals aren't really what you think they are and neither are Classifieds.

In order for an article to get past the curtain of the wizard, whatever you submit to Personals and/or Classifieds better be damn "cool." I'm just saying.

Don't go writing, "I have a 4 year old marriage, I'll trade my husband for yours -- no exchange fees involved-- or something that you could just as easily go and make happen on or Ebay.

Be cool. Or at least get to that Edge of where coolness may exist. If you are as confused as I am that's cool. More confusion, means a better Broo. I think. (Consider altering punctuation usage to the following 'More confusion means a better Broo, I think.) You know?


Now, it's your turn. Please share your thoughts on how and where you'd like to see Broo grow, change and evolve into next.

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10 comments on The Evolution of Broo and You

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By BusinessLife on October 13, 2010 at 12:38 am

Thank you for including me in your article. I think there is a great opportunity within 'The Broo' to allow writers to be read/heard at a larger online circulation level. I hope the many creative and skilled writers and those knowledgeable in a number of areas that could help benefit all involved in this community will take advantage and offer their ideas and suggestions. If folks would consider answering - "what do you think it would take to have this site be considered a 'must read' site on a daily basis?" Would love to read the answers!!!

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Log In To Vote   Score: 1
By Libdrone on October 13, 2010 at 04:48 am

For the slogan, may I suggest:

BrooWaha--A NEW way of getting your News

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Log In To Vote   Score: 4
By TonyBerkman on October 13, 2010 at 11:55 am

Cher, thanks for your suggestion. What do other members think about having a part of Broo that is for "real journalists?"

It would be great to have both imho. And to be able to differentiate the 2.

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Log In To Vote   Score: 3
By BusinessLife on October 15, 2010 at 01:41 pm

@TAZZone - Now, THAT'S some great information.

1. - What constitutes a journalist?

Possible Broo answer - Someone who offers an article on a subject that provides written information in an objective format that includes both sides of a story and without personal opinion.

2. - The use of a Tiered system.

Possible Broo answer -The Broo exists because of its writers and audience. The Broo can offer traditional news stories with objective information AND offer the variety it offers today without placing one above the other or considering a Tier system in which one Tier is better than the other tiers. The more diverse and richly abundant the offering at The Broo, the more unique it becomes potentially acting as its key differentiatior - meaning any online reader can get objective traditional journalistic news and enjoy a spectrum of high-quality writing including opinions, creative stories and poems and everyday life tales (great articles of what is happening in our own lives from past to today that many can connect with and click away refreshed and ready to come to The Broo again for another daily dose of anything and everything that can't be found/read elsewhere.)

It's writers with all forms of information who should not be alienated...just their typos. (including mine.)

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Log In To Vote   Score: 2
By BusinessLife on October 15, 2010 at 03:13 pm

@TAZZone - I love your attention to detail. When there is a discussion of possible change, it's all in the details that must not be overlooked. I think it's important that any and all writers who live The Broo express what is working and what isn't.

Okay - What is a journalist?

I would suggest that a journalist here at the Broo is a writer. A writer can be someone who is a columnist, sharing opinions or someone who writes an objective article on whatever topic including both sides of the story or someone who offers creative interpretations of life, fiction, etc. My thought is let's allow Broo to be unique and have writers who want to write a hard-hitting news article on an election, the Chilean minor rescue or a lovely poem or short story. The same writer can submit all of the types of articles above.

How should Broo determine objective stories and how can we count on and trust who acts as the editorial staff?

I would suggest reviewing content that clearly offers both sides of the stories and offers links to verify statistics and quotes from nationally-recognized individuals quoted in the article. TAZZone, you're right. Editors everywhere are and will always be the 'enemy' to many writers/journalists. Let's, as Broo writers and the very people who keep others visiting Broo be aware of what's happening editorially. At the same time, there should always be a document that explains what the editors are looking for and what editors will publish and will not. If there is a distinction from objective and two-sided stories, there should be a list (bullet points) that details what will be an acceptable 'objective' article. If your article meets the check list and offers source information that can be verified, the article can be published in the Broo.

The Tiered System

Keep this in mind. Throw out what you have heard before and what is traditionally a tiered system where one tier is above the other. Let's consider the Content/Category System. As is happening, a writer selects where his or her article should appear, based on its content/category. Sports stories go in the sports section. Poems go in the poetry section and so on.

Consider having a selection in each category that offers "objective." For instance, for a sports story, you would look under "sports," then you would be able to select "objective," "opinion," etc.

The Broo is what the "Broosters" make it to be or allow it to become. Broo On, Sir TAZZ! :)

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By BusinessLife on October 15, 2010 at 04:25 pm

So, how does Broo get back to pageviews in the hundreds or thousands rather than where they are today? This is what I hear used to be the case.

I'm thinking that this item was broken but just not fixed. What's the 411 on that? TAZZ, Tony, Bill anyone?

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Log In To Vote   Score: 2
By BusinessLife on October 16, 2010 at 04:51 pm

@Corisong 1 - I definitely hope I don't end up talking out of my backside. I know it's important to receive feedback that can help. But I'm not as good with a comment that strong. I'll be honest. It makes me feel bad. I say this not knowing the article of which you speak and not knowing if the article was strong in content. I am ratting myself out to say that criticism is always appreciated if I can use the information to improve. If I feel as if someone is name calling or using profanity with no real helpful information to help me see things through his/her eyes, it just feels like a gut punch instead of another view. But I do understand that trying to be able to offer a bit of advice or criticism, just to offer a thought for the next article someone writes, can be very helpful as The Broo has a lot of diverse and strong writing talent and experience around.

Hmm Tiered - I think this topic came up with the idea of real journalistic stories. Maybe just having the option to classify one's article as objective (with source information and by offering both sides of an issue) would simply offer another area of news on any topic. I don't think there's any thought to take anything away or put something (an opinion story or whatnot) any lower in viewing opportunity just because there is another category per se.

Journalists can be amazingly talented and amazingly arrogant and all sorts of things. I come from a journalistic background and family heritage. I've had articles published. I've media trained folks and acted as some national companies' spokesperson. Sometimes I was quite effective and hit a home run. I have to admit there have been a couple of stink balls that just didn't help, whether writing, acting as a company spokesperson, holding/conducting a press conference or whatever the situation needed. There's a journalist...I SO use that term losely, who works for the local paper in my area. He stinks. He uses interviews and twists them into attacks and he's just a big, fat lousy jerk. I called him on it. I called him to express my opinion and sent him a nice, long email with examples. He took this to his editor and demanded that I have a meeting with my client with him present so that he could tell my client what I had said. Long story short, (and I was a bit scared because one never knows how a client will react) my client threatened to speak with his editor to discuss his work related to my client and to ask that this particular writer not be a part of any further communication with me or my client. Tail between his legs, the goober "journalist" left. My father could write circles around this arrogant jerk and did, with four books published. This jerk said he had never been attacked about whether or not he was a journalist. All this to say, it would be nice to have some objective stories as writers were able to make them available. I think they can be fun. I totally agree with Gary that folks can call themselves what they want but submitting a continued mix of content and some objective stories just adds to the mix. Oh, I've had press badges too. Nothing national. But for radio and TV, it had its perks. Sometimes there was food where you had to go cover a story. :)

Pageviews: Are the pageviews Gary and Ed talking about (100,000 or 10,000) happening in a day, week, month? What is the time period for such great numbers?

Broo's readership strength: The platform to write and see one's article on a screen is very satisfying. I think Broo is great. How does one grow viewership and how does this translate to growing viewer/readership of one's blogs?

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By BusinessLife on October 19, 2010 at 03:33 pm

This article seems to mention a specific time when pageviews were much higher. What can be done to make this occur again?

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By BusinessLife on October 21, 2010 at 07:04 am

Here's another great article that, in the comments section, starts talking about various concerns writers have with the 'before and after' of The Broo re: changes, page views, Adsense and more!!

Aged articles can often be telling as you can see how things have progressed. I have to admit that I can't see, as I am truly new to the Broo.

But it's great that such concerns and ideas are batted around for consideration!

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By Libdrone on October 21, 2010 at 09:35 am


What I found most striking about that post you linked to-- neither the author nor the commenters seemed to understand Adsesne or why the ads that were placed on their sites were placed there. Rather than post a long comment, I wrote a blog post that explains this a bit:

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