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Social Media: What Is It? PART THREE:

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Twitter, Facebook & Blogging Socializing Well For Business Success

Discover How American Express, Sprint, Weight Watchers, IKEA and others have benefited from using social media.

In PART ONE of this 3-part series on Social Media, you had the opportunity to consider how well you understood social media basics by reviewing a list of 10 questions and seeing how well you could answer them. In PART TWO, you received the first five questions and answers.

Now, here is the final installment, PART THREE - Social Media: What Is It & What's The Value with the last 5 questions and accompanying answers.

6. How long will it take before I see some results from my social media efforts?

Like any business, it takes time to be discovered by your target market with all of the various communication vehicles driving into their world on a moment-to-moment basis. If it's not already, make sure links to your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and blog pages are all easily accessible on the home page of your website. Also, consider including these web addresses on your company business cards on the back. Again, keep focus on using social media in any and all social occasions that take place in the course of your business week and travels.

Expect to see some sort of pulse or blip on the various monitoring tools within 3 to 6 months. If you have not seen any improvement, change, any visits at all, re-evaluate how you are communicating that your social media platforms are available and dig a little deeper into how you can directly connect with your target market.

7. Is there a benefit of using more than one form of social media?

Today, I would say yes. Often, social media platforms work together to link a target from one social media source to another for additional information.

8. If so, how do I decide which ones to use together?

Deciding which ones are best for your business should be evaluated by what you have to offer and where your target market can best be reached.

9. What examples do you have of social media growing business for other companies?

This question is designed for buyers to ask the supplier before considering hiring them for their social media services. Additionally, this question is to help social media sellers remember to keep the best case studies of your social media success available for review during any meeting or even social exchange at a business function.

However, to see just what social media platforms are being used and what the results are, has a plethora of case studies for your review that include such companies as Sprint, American Express, Weight Watchers, Novartis, Intel, IKEA and on and on.

10. What do I need to get started?

I would consider reviewing all of the information and resources I have made available in this article as a start. The more you know, the better equipped you are to use the right social media resources for your company or to provide the right tools to your current and future customers.

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