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From blogs to Facebook to Twitter and more

For many in the advertising and marketing world, the word ‘edutainment’ is nothing new. But today, it's coming back to bring success in business by way of social media.

For many in the advertising and marketing world, the word ‘edutainment’ is nothing new. Focused on growing business for clients, agency executives use the word “edutainment” to mean educating in an entertaining and engaging way. But if you haven’t heard of “edutainment” before, the word can be traced as far back as 1948 by The Walt Disney Company to describe the True Life Adventure series. (Source:

Edutainment has been a strategy used as part of many a marketing plan. Today, it’s making a comeback through social media. Think about it. The very communication tools that are a part of millions of your client’s and prospective client’s lives include Facebook, twitter, blogs and so much more. And it’s pretty fair to say that social media is a strong contender in entertaining and educating people on a daily basis. In fact, news out today from comScore inc says Facebook has overtaken Google search.

comScore says “… Americans spent 41.1 million minutes on Facebook in August that is about 9.9 percent of their Internet surfing minutes for the month, barely surpassing 39.8 million minutes or 9.6 percent of surfing minutes on all Google sites combined, including YouTube, the free gmail e-mail service, Google news and other sites….”

So, how do you take “edutainment” and help it grow your business? Don’t just use the social media tools available. Learn how to “speak social media.” You do this by communicating the way social media does by focusing on the end result that comes from using your products and services. Simply put, it’s not about listing what you sell but helping your clients visualize how successful they can become with your products and services.

Three Key Points to Put “Edutainment” to Work For You:
One: Speak With Purpose
When you are talking, presenting or preparing any type of communication for a client or prospective client, keep the focus on what your client’s goal is, reminding them of the finish line and how you will be helping them cross that line with your products and services.

Two: Show Your Client What His or Her Success Will Look Like (Keep Visuals Visible)
Don’t get lost in traditional forms of communication with words alone. Keep in mind, your clients just want to succeed. With that in mind, what does success look like when thinking of each of your client’s specific goals? Help them visualize success by providing visual representation on an ongoing basis throughout the time you are working with your client.

Three: Create A Challenge: Take It From Beginning to Winning
Examples of your work and achievements are great. But keep it social. A decision maker wants to know how much money you have saved companies and how successful you are at growing a company’s bottom line. With this in mind, consider featuring a photo that represents some portion of one of your clients, roll over it to find out what type of challenge your client had and when clicked on, offer the results. If you give it all away upfront, what reason does anyone have to contact you for more information? Wow your prospects, speak their language, offer your messaging in the latest social media outlets and K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple!

Have a question? Just ask. Have a challenge? Let me offer the answers in my next posting.

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