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by SZU (writer), Karachi (Pakistan), July 25, 2010

Almost each one of us have found ourselves surrounded by regret (for one thing or another) and accompanied by gloom. This is a mere reflection of one of those times.

Today, the vast blue blanket seemed pale…the day looked dull…the waves had lost their passion and the winds blew with much less fancy…even the slow chirps of the birds had lost their melody…nothing that I adored primarily was of least attraction now…not even the mighty sight of those huge mountains that stood there with equal dignity as before!…And this made me hate them even more…they had promised to be my best friends…they were always there for me every second...but now they were acting insensitive, emotionless, cold, unaffected and total strangers!

The running and flying sand seemed to hit me harder with every breeze that seemed more like a thick army of my foes…its blow only had a single mission, to suffocate me more…I felt it to have shaped its hands that were tightening their grip on my neck…and blocking my breath…

The usual calm, somehow seemed uncomfortable today…the silence of the surrounding seemed to have turned eternal…which nothing will ever be able to break…it allowed no interruption…no pause and no rest!

I tried searching for support…penetrating deep in myself to find comfort…but marveled was I not to find myself…I was lost…no desperate attempts and no dire tries would work now…no fret…no fear … no tears were of any use…I didn’t know where to look for myself…the self that was now vanished in the concentrated and gloomy forest of regret!

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By TonyBerkman on July 25, 2010 at 03:22 pm

I enjoyed reading this.

You mentioned, "everyone" has at some time found themself ....

I don't understand regret very well. There are things I would have liked to have done differently, though when going back I know that given what I was thinking at that time, knowing what I knew then, I would have done the same thing every time. I don't see how it could be otherwise. I learn from those times, though I don't find much empowerment in the feeling of regret.

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