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Author Dr. John Bell Discusses the Changing Family Structure

Credit: Dr. John E. Bell
Invasion of the Baby Daddy

We interviewed Dr. John E. Bell about his new book, "Invasion of the Baby Daddy".

Dr. John E. Bell is a Surgical Podiatrist and a College Professor at Strayer University at the Shelby Oaks campus in Memphis, Tennessee. He's also the author of The Invasion of the Baby Daddy. We interviewed Dr. Bell to find out more about his new book and why he feels the American family structure is changing.

Thank you for this interview, Dr. Bell. Your new book, Invasion of the Baby Daddy, is quoted as being “a description of life, love and consequences of our choices that involve warnings with blended family issues on how the American family structure is changing.” Can you give us an example of what you believe is happening to the family structure as opposed to years ago in your own experience?

Dr. Bell: I feel the American family structure is currently changing and has been changing over the last 20 years. For example 6.4 million children are born out of wed lock today. Over 50% of marriages end in Divorce and most families today never have evening dinner together any more. We are now in the hurry up and go no where society. The facts alone is alarming but also very true of our societies

Although the book is fiction, it deals with main issues that confront us in everyday life such as mothers having babies out of wedlock. What do you see as the root of the problem?

Dr. Bell: It seems to me the root of many of the problems has been the acceptance of the decay in the American family. A lack of education and the instant generation has become the issue of where our society and family life has now evolved into.

When two people fall in love and one of them already has a child, what kinds of problems ensue to make having a blended family difficult?

Dr. Bell: The problem that can interfere with a blended family having a great life would be the Baby Mother or Daddy that is attached to the child itself. The baby daddy has rights called paternal rights and in some states even without marriage, the baby Daddy or mother to the child can without the child from living out of the state. This is a court order called Joint legal status as one can see this can leave a blended family with severe hardships and ultimately even end in a devastating divorce.

In your book, an unwed mother is in love with someone, but he’s not the baby daddy. How does the new man who comes into the picture feel about it?

Dr. Bell: The new man in a situation where he has met a ready made family with a woman that is ready to move on as well is a great thing. There are some good men who would love to step up and welcome a woman and her children. In the book, Invasion of the Baby Daddy, a doctor by the name of Dr. Mark Sand is a good man who happens to fall in love with Rachel and her child. However it is always going to be dealing with the baby daddy or baby mother that will always present issues with such a great guy in these blended family situations.

What about the baby’s daddy? What kinds of problems does he stir up if any or does he not want anything to do with the baby?

Dr. Bell: The Baby Daddy will always be a sinister character. Usually selfish, irresponsible, does not want to spend money on the child. In most cases does not want the child as well. Most baby daddys never intend to be fathers and most were not father material to begin with. They were boys trying to have sex and live a life of illusion from consequences that came from practices of unsafe sex and most actually are lost souls that had no father themselves or only act out what they have learned from the same father type that they now have become.

How does the unwed mother deal with all this?

Dr. Bell: I urge every unwed mother to actually never go to court without an attorney against a baby daddy. If a woman represents herself she is a fool. Women must use an attorney to voice and present their issues to the court against the baby daddy in order to preserve the right to keep the freedom of having your life to move on with your child if that is what you ultimately desire. Most importantly, be honest about your life and your choices in life and the challenges that a woman has to reckon with when she has a child.

It certainly sounds like a riveting read, Dr. Bell. Can you tell us how we can find you on the web to learn more?

Dr. Bell: Sure, please go to to learn more about the book and purchase the book as well. You can always visit to learn more about me as an author and my medical career, thank you.

Thank you for this interview and I hope you much success!

Dr. Bell: Thank you once again, I have certainly enjoyed it. Thanks again, please check out my book at

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By Theresa H Hall on March 29, 2010 at 12:27 am

The course of action should be to insist that real life sex responsibility education classes, should be drummed into the heads of the parents of tomorrow. There should be fictional video re-enactments of every possible senerio and tests given to make sure these young people get it.

When mature people decide to co-create a child it is a different situation completely. Whether or not they get married, there is still that 50% divorce rate staring them in the face.

Children need parents biological and non-biological, and if they are lucky enough, they get to have two parents. It should not matter if they are opposite or same gender parents. These kids need balance, harmony, education, and people who really care about them.

Nice interview. Who would have ever thought the term Baby Daddy would have been adopted. No pun intended.

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