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The Roy E. and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center

by wolviela (writer), Los Angeles, February 05, 2010

Credit: Tamara Sutton
The Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center Set to Open

First of it's kind medical facility in the San Fernando Valley set to open to triumph over cancer.

Perhaps you've seen it, driving on the California interstate 134, or buses. The advertisement reads "Triumph over Cancer."

That is the theme of the Providence St. Joseph Medical Center, as it sets to open it's doors of it newest building, The Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center on February 8, 2010.

The Center is dedicated to healing the body, the mind and the spirit. This has been years in the making. This was a dream of several doctors to have a one stop treatment center for cancer patients and their families. The $36 million, four-story outpatient Center will be home to not only the latest technological advances in treating cancer but also a Center that offers alternative and holistic approaches as well.

In addition to a state of the art technology, here are few things that are also included in the Center:

A program that address the cancer patients that often fall through the cracks. These are the patients in the age ranges of 19-39. This is collobration with Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.

In the radiology unit, that includes an "ambient experience." The goal to take patients to another place during their treatment. Patients can control the lighting, sounds, music and video in their rooms.

There will be a boutique for patients that need help with wigs, prosthetics and special cosmetics to treat and manage side effects of cancer and treatments.

There is also an on-site pharmacy, where patients can get their medication.

On the 2nd floor is a healing garden, and place to just "be."

Also, courtesy of the John C. & Lowry Hench Foundation and the Jennifer Diamond Foundation, there will be a library where patients and family members can research their illness. This also includes a quiet room for those patients or family members who just need a quiet space.

As Raul Mena, M.D. the Medical Director of Cancer Services, points out, "patients may have multiple doctors at multiple offices where you have to get in your car drive around, park, repeat the same information to different doctors. This steals from you life." And he asks the question, "if you have an illness that may end your life in a short amount of time, how do you want to spend it. Driving around looking for a parking spot, or having a one place, one medical record that has your information?"

So this Center is a place where a patient has a dedicated team of doctors working in their best interesting to allow the patient to have the best quality of life they possibly can.

For more information about the Roy and Patricia Disney Cancer Center visit the following.

You hear will from doctors, caregivers and cancer surviviors on their thoughts of this Center.

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