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Fathers Rights? Do they exist?

by wolviela (writer), Los Angeles, October 21, 2009

The Judicial System needs to wake up and show that there are fathers that do care and in fact care better for their children than the mother.

This article is for all my male readers who have children and are responsible fathers. Married or not, but primarily not. I want to give you a hand because you are the population that the courts don't see in custody cases. This a little glimpse into my personal life, but I think the world needs to know that there are great fathers out there.

My boyfriend unfortunately a product of an "accidently on purpose" baby. Unfortunately the baby mama's plan didn't work out so well and needless to say they haven't been together.  He felt it was his responsiblity (but I say he was brain washed) that he let her live in his house, in his master bedroom while he slept on the couch bed until the baby was born and then moved her out. This after she committed domestic violence.  He paid for ALL expenses: rent, ulitilites, groceries, car repairs, etc.. Oh did I say she has a Masters degree (Marriage and Family Therapy surprisingly) and doesn't work and is now pursuring a PhD. Perpetual student.

He continued to pay and if it wasn't for losing his job, he still be paying $2k for her.  When he told her this, she didn't believe him, and said he NEEDED to pay her expenses. Just for the record, the child resided 5 days a week and evenings with him. When he said he could give her $300 which, I think is reasonable for a 2 year old, she said no. In fact she stated that she needed to know how much he made so she knew how much to ask for at Child Support Services.

I don'tknow about you but if I had someone paying all my expenses I'd be happy with what and even try to help them out. In fact she never wanted to watch her daughter and the daughter never wants to go into her residence.

So the long story is they went to court and it looks like the mother, who shows no interest in the child whatsoever may get 50% custody. Example, in testimony, my boyfriend gave a great account of the routine he has for his daughter, while the mother just testified how he didn't help her.

It almost seems that to give the father primary custody of the child, the woman has to be nuts, a druggie, or alcoholic.

I'm sorry folks, but in this case I don't believe that being with the mother is best for the child.




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By wolviela on February 08, 2010 at 09:55 am

Update... primary custody has been award to the father. There is hope

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