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Should Enforced Laws Be Waived For Different Minorities?


All rules and regulations enforced by the law should be followed accordingly and not by the minority.

     I do not have a problem with the law enforcement and how procedures are followed especially when it comes to checkpoint sites, but this particular night really made me change my mind just a little bit. One late Saturday night on July 18, 2009, there was a checkpoint site somewhere in South Carolina(between the North Carolina and South Carolina border) and it was directly in front of the store where my friend is currently employed. She did not really pay too much attention to the chaos outside until a young woman came in asking to use the telephone because it was an emergency.

My friend, (we will call her Rosa) who is an employee, let the young woman use the phone and afterwards asked her if she is in need of help. The young woman(we will call her Lupe) stated that she needs help because she and others have been stopped at the checkpoint site by law enforcement.  Lupe also confirmed that everyone is in handcuffs and will not be released until they give the law enforcement upfront money or else they'll go to jail. Of course, everyone paid the money except for Lupe who didn't have the money at the time.  This is the reason for the emergency call that she made earlier to relatives. When the relatives heard about what was going on, they decided to bring Lupe the money. But they did not make it, well at least not right then. The relatives had an minor accident on the way to help Lupe and her husband.

 My friend Rosa, a good samaritan that I have known for a few years, loaned Lupe the money to give to the officers outside so that she and her husband would not be taken to jail. When Lupe returned to the officers to give them money, Rosa called a few non emergency numbers including the highway patrol to find out if this was legal. Much to her amazement, the captain at the highway patrol division told her that the officers had the right to collect money upfront. He said it is legal and the officers are only collecting bail money from people they think it should be collected from.  As you can see the people who paid money to prevent being arrested were all Latinos including Lupe and her husband. The officers never checked their drivers license, registration, insurance or troubled them for DWIs.

They did not seem to care. The officers, or highway patrol only wanted money from these latinos to do whatever they needed to do with it and send them on their way. I am a little glad that everything went okay but just upset about how the laws that night was followed very poorly. If that had been any other minority besides Latinos, things would have been quite different.  The inquiring minds who want to know about Lupe's relatives and how they are doing? They are fine but showed up moments after Lupe's husband was released from handcuffs. Also they gave Rosa her money back. The money was never an issue with my friend but helping someone who is just like herself(Rosa is latina also) meant the world to her. If Rosa hadn't worked that night, problems at that checkpoint site would have been a lot worse.                                                                               

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By Lakwyia on July 26, 2009 at 05:25 pm

Yes, these highway patrol division officers wanted money upfront before letting them go. Lupe stated that all of the latinos(it was about 30 that were handcuffed) should pay the officers $100 or else. My friend Rosa called and found out that the officers were doing their job correctly and legally. I have never heard such crap either. Rosa, i believe has Lupe's number to keep in contact. I am going to suggest maybe that Lupe needs to look into it.

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By RelivLynn on August 03, 2009 at 10:09 am

I've heard stories from others about this type of thing.  For Lupe, Rosa and all other  Carolilians - if you want change to law you have to begin to use the media and the state representatives to raise up "no more tolerance."

I believe there is now federal hate crime legislation that may trump local law - seek legal council to avoid being detained again.

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By DLFerguson on August 22, 2009 at 09:51 pm

Same thing happened to me last year while I was visiting my father in Bennettsville, SC.  Must have been around 10PM when my wife and I drove up to a checkpoint where maybe eight other cars had been pulled over.  The officers never asked me for my license or ID until after they checked my plates and found I had a parking violation ticket back in New York.

I had the ticket in my car and showed it to them and pointed out that I still had two weeks to pay the ticket.  The officers informed me that unless I paid the ticket right there and then plus $100 I would have to spend the night in jail and see the judge in the morning.  Their argument was that I shouldn't have left NY state with an unpaid ticket.  To add insult to injury, they made me wait with them by the side of the road while my wife drove some 10 miles to find an ATM to take out the money.  Then we had to drive to the police station under escort to pay the "fine".

When we finally got to my father's house and told him what happened he said that sort of thing happened all the time down there.

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By Carol Young on August 23, 2009 at 04:27 pm

This story is a clear case of corruption and violation of civil rights.  Notify the FBI and the ACLU.

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By Credo on October 22, 2013 at 07:52 pm

The laws are rapidly decomposing as the constitution erodes into inactivity. This is just another unfortunate incident occurring in the country.


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