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Is Time Is On His Side & Is He Ready To Learn

by Chedvah (writer), Greater London-Harrow, June 22, 2009

" through thick and thin, a man with a sure purpose, not a 'hail fellow well met friend'; a man of principle; not going with the flow, not a jellyfish floating with the fashion..."


I started this article a few weeks ago but couldn’t word it out in the best way at the time, so I kept it lurking around, until, low and behold my fingers started to itch so much that I was drawn to the Keyboard.  I have always been an avid admirer of resilient characters, people often resolute and steadfast in their ways amidst opposition.  These people will not walk away in the middle of a crisis but will do all their best to resolve things as best as possible. And such an example of a person I have found in Gordon Brown.  Gordon Brown took up office as Prime Minister in 2007, after he had been the Chancellor of the Exchequer and during his tenure Britain’s economy was basking in glory.  However immediately after this gentleman took office, “all hell broke loose;” terrorist attacks, credit crunch and so much more that perhaps the Heavens will now open up and wash away these incidences-one can only hope.

Sometimes, people need to be pushed about like wheelbarrows...and a few weeks ago Gordon Brown apologised on behalf of other MPs for inappropriate claims on expenses courtesy of the 'tab' of the taxpayers.  Can you remember the times it drizzles? It always does in a somewhat subtle way and often one never realises it until they leave the warmth of whatever sanctuary they were in.  Such perhaps are the circumstances that can be used to compare the MPs' expenses furore.  If the indiscretions of Mr. Smith, oops!!! the former MP Jacqui Smith's husband; Richard Timney were not enough to jolt the unsuspecting UK public when he was caught out trying to claim expenses for a subscription of some late night movies then the series of events that preceded that were enough to confirm to the masses that indeed more light needed to be thrown .  Jacqui Smith has since resigned and hopefully gone to put her household in order.

There is a period when troubles flow intermittently, it’s like a boiling pot that keeps boiling over even after the heat has been turned off, and the pot takes a while to cool. Gordon Brown has not only had to face the downturns caused by the MP expenses but the resignations that have followed coupled with a jolting but awakening result that arose from the European Union MP elections. The resignation of the speaker of Parliament, Michael Martin, did nothing to alleviate the public’s concerns about British state of governance.  It takes a man of great character to be unfaltered and continue with ‘the job’ at hand.  However this week sees  MPs choose the new commons speaker, rumours are rampant but the whole process is being kept secret with several favourites being mentioned but with no confirmations in sight yet. Some names in the running include; Margaret Beckett who has described herself as a ‘Healing speaker’ but has claimed £11,000 in gardening expenses while others include John Bercow, Sir Alan Beith, Parmjit Dhanda and Sir Michael Lord.

Whilst Gordon Brown, has had to deal with the affairs of his state, economy and foreign policy, It is truly amazing how he can wake up day after day and contend with goings on which include the never ending MP saga, the current British held hostage crisis which has led to loss of life due to failure of Britain making adequate negotiations and Britain’s accused intervention in the Iran elections’ results.  Perhaps in the best words of resigned MP Tom Watson; “…However spitefully your character is traduced and your triumphs degraded by Labour’s enemies, they can never erase these towering achievements to your name.”  Few leaders could transcend the upheavals that have met Mr Brown; he keeps plodding on even when the political weather is dark, cloudy, thundery and tumultuous.

The whole feuding among Labour MPs hasn’t been enough to oust Gordon Brown from his seat as a Prime Minister but as the clock ticks, one wonders if there are valuable lessons for Mr Brown to take on and use, as an aid to lead his people until the next elections.

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By Lady D on July 13, 2009 at 10:17 am

It is so sad we have no leaders.

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