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Money Divorced From Style

by Chedvah (writer), Greater London-Harrow, April 20, 2009


"If you can't match their style, make your own..."-Chedvah

Need to hold on to your money? Well that’s the story of many people’s lives at the moment.  Purses are being clutched to very tightly, the shops however continue to indulge us with enticing teasers sticking out to us in window displays luring us to gaze at them, try them, eventually convincing ourselves into believing they are necessary buys.  While the money grabbers are being lured by mind games of the high street and internet, some of the wealthy are strutting and showing off what their money can buy-from the most deploring florals mingled with urban extras to chic outfits.  At this point in time-fashionswise-it is very challenging not to covet thy neighbour's wardrobe.

The new seasons are slowly creeping up on us, spring slowly giving way to summer.  We all love the sun, right? But this summer, after a rampage in my old wardrobe with results ranging from very loose to quite fading over worn types, alarms bells are shrilling in my mind.  Anyone who knows that re-washing some cheap labels yields ultra elasticated, faded and sometime misfit outfits. So....whats a woman to do on a very marginal budget? As we await with baited breath, the national budget being read this wonders if fashion merchandise will escape the recession's strongholds.

Getting out of panic mode and quickly grasping reality checks, I realise that this summer one has to make their own style.  The glossy spreads are doing illustrations of celebrities and 'it' girls donning on what I fthink are outrageous outfits; too flowery even for my Grandma (Uum dont get me wrong some floral types are 'want to get it' and worthy purchase types), too ribbony for my little one and too shiny for my liking. So style concocting is what I am going by this year.  The monies are few and far between but while the big shots are spending shocking sums on handbags, shoes, clothes and other accessories,  I will take the best from their ideas and come up with C-style.

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