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Tested As Clean

by AM Nelson (writer), Los Angeles, December 07, 2006

In Orange Lake, CA reports of city-wide infestation have been increasing. Shaney’s restaurant has taken a proactive approach upon hearing of cockroach swarms in the employee locker room. Management ordered cotton-swab samples to be taken from multiple roaches. Thorax, leg, and eye swabs were examined. The roaches were reportedly clean from all infectious diseases.

“The roaches have a clean bill of health. Servers will have to get over their prejudices and learn to get along,” stated Assistant Manager Wills Walkings.

Across the street at Rose’s Café, owner and manager Rose Rock has taken a different approach. “After finding them crawling and birthing in the butter in the walk-in, I decided to blast the critters.” While wearing a full protection contamination suit, Ms. Rock sprays insecticides weekly. “I get a joy from knowing what I’m doing is improving the city.”

City officials are not in agreement which method is best, but are avid in their agreement to protect the citizens from all threats. “While we don’t see the clean roaches as a threat, we are avid in protecting citizens."

New to the service industry, Greg Thimes asks, “Why don’t we just crush the pests and be done with it all?”

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By Ariel on December 08, 2006 at 12:38 am
The article is pretty funny! However, I find it a little hard to extract the useful information from it. It's hard to see which parts are supposed to convey information and which parts are here to make the readers smile...
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