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Racing Toward Stupidity

by wolviela (writer), Los Angeles, March 26, 2009

By no means am I intellectual, but I just thought that question was idiotic.

“Can I ask you about race?” Did I hear that right I thought to myself as I was listening to the press conference the other day.  I thought oh maybe she just still talking about the race, and she left out "the." Then I realized what she was asking and was  followed by the thought can I slap this person.

 In his usual eloquent style is he addressed this issue very well. He acknowledged that this was big deal, on inauguration day that lasted one day. As Obama pointed out, this economy doesn’t matter what race you are, it’s affecting everyone and his job is to help get everyone back on track.

 It’s funny how we, “Americans” pride ourselves on diversity but YET we still have to ask about race. These questions are what make us look stupid to other countries. I have friends and family in Canada and Europe and not once, when visiting has anyone asked me what race I am and how that affects my job. I’m adopted and they know that, but still it doesn’t come up.  Once, I was asked if I was part Indian, because I landed in a Indian hospital in a rural area and they wanted to see if they could speak Hindi to me.

 I was in my car waiting to go to my second job, and didn’t see the reporter who asked the question, but I’m going to assume it was a white woman (sorry folks, not a big policially correct person sometimes)  Has anyone asked her if her race affects how she works, or how her co-workers view her work. I’m going to take a big fat guess and say no.

 And going on a limb here, no one bothered to ask this question of former fiercely leader, who didn’t do a whole hell of a lot for moving this country forward in the last 8 years.

 Maybe, race matters in other countries, or maybe people in other countries are just smart and intelligent to keep their mouth shut, but either way the only “race” that should matter are those such as sporting events, or reality TV shows, otherwise this country will be more that just behind economically. Grow up America.

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4 comments on Racing Toward Stupidity

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By PATRICK PETION on March 26, 2009 at 01:31 pm

Good point, and it is funny those same people whom claim that they champion diversity are the same one who bring up race as if it was matter. How many time did we mention secretary Rice as a black woman or justice Clearance Thomas. conservative does not care about race but the liberal does, only because they think there is a difference between people. They do not judges people by their character but by class, race, and wealth.

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By D. E. Carson on March 26, 2009 at 01:53 pm

Didn't you hear?  America is no longer a racist country...they have a black president now.

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By Lady D on March 26, 2009 at 09:37 pm

Humans are very judgemental which includes being racist (espesially in a country that has it ingrained) because we don't tell the truth about our history. All of our founding fathers had slaves. Looking to our own prejudices will help a great deal

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By funnyindian on June 02, 2009 at 06:16 pm

honestly, not having seen the press conference, i can't make an informed comment but reading only just your posting, i couldn't impugn the woman's comment... nor america's ignorance.  
i don't think asking about race is inherently a negative thing.  
and i do not think other countries are ahead of america on this one.  i think that perception was understandable before but just about every expert whose pieces i've read agrees that no country would elect a minority president and certainly not european ones.
racism in this country is a problem but it's far more minor than in most other countries.
india might be the one exception but that's b/c we're genetically superior to everyone else.

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