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Model Jasmine Joi: Relax And Have Fun

by Gary Schwind (writer), Laguna Niguel, June 19, 2009


Independent LA model Jasmine Joi discusses getting comfortable in front of a camera, what makes a good photographer, and what she wants to accomplish

Jasmine Joi is a model from Los Angeles. Via phone, she discussed her favorite kinds of modeling, getting comfortable in front of a camera, and her work with

What do you model?

I'm an independent model. I do my website thing. I don't really model for anybody or an agency.

What's your favorite kind of modeling?

Swimwear, lingerie. glamour modeling.

What would you say is the best modeling job you've had so far?

It was around November. I flew to Orlando. I did a complete photo shoot, me and a few other girls. I did some HD video footage. It reminded me of being on the set of a movie. It was very professional. There was a whole camera crew there. It was interesting to be the center of attention.

How did you get started?

I used to take pictures a lot. I didn't really do the modeling thing. Once I got better at being in front of the camera is when I said, "OK, let's take it to the next level." It's been three, four years. I got comfortable being in front of the camera and got better at my craft.

What are some tips for getting more comfortable in front of the camera?

I would say just relax and be comfortable. Know your angles. Hopefully you have a cool photographer you can vibe with. Basically, that's it. Just relax. Just have fun with it.

What makes a good photographer?

Someone who has been doing it for a long time. Someone who knows lighting. Somebody who knows the whole photography craft, not just a guy with a camera. I really like photographers that give you a creative scene. I like scenes, coming up with something different, to where everyone else doesn't have the same images as you. I like photographers I can vibe with.

What's a misconception that people have about you?

A lot of people would think the whole porn thing. I am an adult model, but I'm not a pornographic model. I do have a website where I pose topless, but I'm not into porn or erotic images. Just because you show your boobs does not mean that you're going to show anything else and do anything inappropriate. [laughs]

Tell me about

I mentioned the photo shoot I went on in Orlando. That was with them. I haven't done much with them to this point. It seems like we're going to have a good vibe with them with the mobile-to-mobile content, the video footage. It's just something different that I've never done. It seems like it will be good...give me a lot of exposure.

What is one thing you hope to accomplish in your career?

As far as the modeling goes, Playboy. I really love Playboy. It's very tasteful. I love their layouts. A lot of people say they want to do Playboy. It really is a dream for me and it will be a total accomplishment if I make that happen. That's my goal as a model. Overall, I want to be an entrepreneur. I'll give myself a couple more years with the modeling thing, and hopefully things will work out for me. I'm trying to do some reality TV stuff.

What sort of business do you want to start?

Everybody has hair and nail salons. I want to do a makeup salon. Nobody has that right now. I really like makeup, but I'm not good at doing makeup. I like the idea of changing a person in ten minutes. I've been thinking about opening a makeup salon with a few makeup artists.  You don't really hear about people opening makeup salons. I really don't like to do my own makeup. I like to get my makeup done. For photo shoots, I won't go in front of the camera without having everything together, and that includes makeup.

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