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Weakness For Sweetness

by Chedvah (writer), Greater London-Harrow, December 24, 2008


"They say that ninety percent of TV is junk. But, ninety percent of everything is junk." ~Gene Roddenberry

The good thing about this year’s television’s shows is that they have been aimed to impress.  I am a 'sucker' for good television shows, being a ‘kept’ child; television was always a treasured reward back in the day so it didn’t come as a surprise when as an adult I am still fixated to good television or what I think is.

Take the X Factor TV show 2008; this had me on the seat’s edge as initially I worked it out that Alexandra Burke,20, would top it.  But as the days drew nearer to the show’s end, doubt started creeping in as Alexandra’s main competitors JLS and Eoghen set up shows that attracted masses of their fans.  The show’s extra rating was also boosted by the constant bickering among the judges, Simon Cowell forever lashing out at Louis for having sent off fab talent like Alexandra at 16.  Danii Minogue also had jibes from Louis when one of the singers she was mentoring Rachel sang a song that Louis’ JLS had initially expressed an interest in.  The crowning moments of this show, beautifully singing aside, was the torrent of tears afforded to us by Cheryl Cole, another judge, Alexandra Burke and some of her fellow competitors.  What is a good TV show without backstage drama? Rumours and news of romps amongst the competitors and unearthed skeletons managed to surface of the major players like Alexandra and JLS. But as I always reiterate; ‘there is no bad publicity,’ (at least not for long anyway).  Since her win, Alexandra Burke has gone on to attend and sing at various events, perhaps her appeal is further insinuated by her time to stop and commit ‘random acts of kindness’ when she visited the children at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Ex- S Club singer, Rachel Stevens also saw herself gutted when she lost out at ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ to Tom Chambers.  In comparison to the X Factor, this win didn’t spark as much significance because if TV in Britain is not entertaining or meaningful then its ‘rubbish.’ 

Perhaps another TV show that has me waiting with  tormented breath is next year’s celebrity ‘Big Brother.’  The upcoming celebrity Big Brother promises the likes of Mutya Buena formerly of Sugarbabes, other rumours consist of the inclusion of Ian Wright and many more.

More recently, the masses have been bogged down by the never ending news of the Madge-Guy Ritchie split up with the grapevine announcing news of the hefty settlement that Guy received from Madge while a joint statement dissuaded some of us the bored public with news of no such big settlement.  But then again I guess it gives one an insight of British Television, one minute its all gravy and another its like-do we need to know this? Whatever the intent for the viewing crowd…I must admit I have a weakness for anything on TV that steams of 'sweetness.'

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