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Teach Me The Art Of Age-defying

by Chedvah (writer), Greater London-Harrow, November 07, 2008

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, do not dissapoint me; less wrinkles I want to see, less drooping I need to feel, flatter me to look younger and yet not older...but next year I need to see"

Age-Defying…a topic often not hankered after by several women out loud, is slowly giving upraise amongst them within their inner circles.  But then again, as one ages there is a renewal of one’s conversational boundaries.  The TV adverts alone are often hoarding age defying products and solutions from companies like ‘Olay’ and ‘L’Oreal,’ coupled with several page spreads in magazines of the ever non botox assisted aging celebrities.  It is actually difficult to spot a twenty year celebrity from a forty plus celebrity just after a once over.  Flat stomachs and bodies that would grace a carpenter’s dream are often being flaunted to us on billboards, magazines, TV and everywhere. So as the average woman slowly trudges the hill of life, there is a gradual ascent of panic responses that set in; crash diets, starvation, cossets, lots of firming and lifting lotions that will push your chin up and avoid that dear stomach drooping, keep your hips to a ‘par’…to mention but a few.

It therefore didn’t take me as a surprise to rise to the occasion of going into an age defying action plan-cosmetics!cosmetics!.  To look young is to defy the laws of nature for the alternative which I am not for at this stage; however this snag has been put to a little rest by assuring age defiance with life.  It seems the days of ‘Au naturale,’ are coming to an end.  To have the age-defying look means a woman has to carry it off ‘assisted.’  Now ‘Assisted’ comes at a price, the heftier one’s pocket is, the greater the ability to attain age defying effects.  In my quest for an age defying look, I often smile at pictures of celebrities and famous people without make-up, it creates a kind of consolatory prize that there is some light at the end of the tunnel.  The reality is however still in my face, wrinkles, double chin, shadows under the eyes, drooping stomach and cellulite to mention but a few.  So I, like so many women rush to the shops after every product I can lay on such as; ‘Olay,’ ‘L’Oreal,’ ‘Garnier,’ and Karin Herzog.’ The products work with varying degrees of success, ‘Karin Herzog,’ is the best so far, of the products I have used but it comes at a high price.  This makes it difficult to keep up especially during this credit crunch. 

Whoever says one can’t have a gym in their living, use work out videos and run in the park to achieve their goals.  Have I mentioned facial exercises, cold water therapies that firm the skin borrowed from the days of Cleopatra (apparently it worked out for her) of Egypt?  The list goes on and on.

From the psychotherapy point of view, one could hold the argument that if one isn’t happy in their skin, one wouldn’t be happy with modifications and ‘assisted’ remedies that foster the art of age of defying.  I would definitely partake in this argument but I guess every woman reaches that point when they look in the mirror and yearn for self improvement whether to firm their body, shed off a few pounds or appreciate their curves or lack of extra curves.  It trickles down to the mind versus the body, I wonder, which holds the power to create the greater persuasion?

As I start off my day, plotting my next age defying step, I start to wonder if it will be running up a staircase of 114 stairs, doing facial exercises for ten minutes, buying foundation to hide my spots or give in to the urge of buying cosmetics that promise more than the energies I will exert en route au naturale…teach me the art…

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