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Will Baseball Ever Have Another Golden Era?


Is what once made baseball prominent in America, now gone forever? Will baseball ever have another golden era?

 As the presence of time has swept us along through histories halls, we have witnessed many of our proud legacies overshadowed by what we have tried to create, a better and more entertaining game of baseball. 

 The days of the 1930s through the 1960s seem to have vanished before our generation’s very eyes, never to be witnessed again. The players that once played the field like giants have come and gone, and all we have left is the legacies of their greatness. Players like Ted Williams, Jackie Robinson, Bob Gibson, and Babe Ruth, who left our fathers and mother’s enamored, have also done the same for us. Boy what it must have been like to see Babe Ruth raise his bat toward the outfield and call his shot, just before hitting a home run. Like children we dare to imagine the magic that once existed, with hopeful dreams that just maybe we might grasp the same indescribable sense of awe that our generations before us felt.

            Our obsession to recreate and re experience the magic, which once existed in ballparks all across America has been overshadowed by our attempt to recreate the game. Now that advanced ballparks, TV contracts, and player's salaries have become the priority. The focus has been deterred away from the game of baseball, and it's purpose for being played. As a result, no longer is it absolutely evident that the love for the game exists. In essence, we are guilty of having sabotaged a game we have tried to better. Not even our fathers before us could have imagined, if we had tried to tell them that one day the game would be what it is today.    

            A result to the changes we have made, considering the priorities around the game of baseball. We have now produced issues that have challenge the very integrity of the game. Now more than ever do we erg to question what we want to believe is real, making it nearly impossible to say yes. With desperation we have, and continue to try to find our true heroes to believe in, within baseball. Yet, with nearly 47 cases of players being implicated for using illegal steroids, 16 of which have admitted to using steroids, and 25 that have been suspended by the MLB. More and more the credibility of today's game comes into question. Reminding us all that despite what measures we have seen by owners, the media, and commissioners take in order to reassure us that the game is pure. We should still poses the question, which lingers in the back of our minds, is what were witnessing pure or tainted?

What can we hope for, who can we trust, will what was once this nation's great game ever be the same again, will baseball ever have another Golden Era?

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By Carol Young on June 11, 2009 at 05:03 pm

I hope baseball has another Golden Era as Reno, Sparks, Washoe County, and its citizens helped pay for the new Reno Ball Park.

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