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Is The Country Black Enough?

by Justin (writer), Pittsburgh, June 09, 2008

Can Barack Obama prevail through a country of hypocrisy, segregation and bitterness?

As Hillary Rodham Clinton concedes and endores Barack Obama, the thought quickly enters my head. "Are we ready?" I know I am, and I would vote for any Democrat these days due to rising gas prices and an even steeper cost of college. Though, as a senior in High School I begin to look out across my lunch room and see the still segregated tables. While this country is integrated, I don't think we will ever fully embrace one another.

I have to say, I'm not the biggest advocate of acceptance of race or ethnicity, but if you fight for what you believe in, if you believe that you are going to change the way the world runs for the better, I am your biggest companion. This is what Obama does for me, he doesn't use the race card to get him elected, instead he uses his positions to get him elected.

As time goes on, we begin to lose faith in who we are, and what we are as a country. Founded on principals of freedom, only in the 21st centuary to get them raped from us, and from our countrymen. No matter your political party, no matter your race, no matter your religion, we must unite on a cold Tuesday in November, for this country, for the world.

No matter if you believe in the policies of John McCain, or Barack Obama, we must understand what is needed of this country in the forthcoming years. We must understand that we must use our given rights as citizens to vote, and we must these wisely and believe when we punch that button in our fake voting machines that eventually will turn into the other party, we are pressing for someone we believe in that will change this country for the better.

You as an individual do not have to contribute to a campaign, do not have to volunteer for a campaign, but you an individual have to vote. You have to, even if it may not count, or your ass backwards Electorial College switches your votes, you still need to exhibit your right, and keep this country rolling.

In the end, we are all lost, but we have a common thread. We are Americans, and no Muslim, no oil junky, no crackhead can take that from us, and no one ever will if you believe in this nation and believe in your right to vote.

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By L DeSilva-Johnson on June 09, 2008 at 04:19 pm

I've been catching up on Broo today, and thinking of how to respond to your article, particularly because while your headline draws the reader in, for sure, it also makes the hairs on the back on my neck stand up -- why? well, in my other window is The Nation, drawing immediate attention to the fact that Condaleeza Rice is, unmistakeably, also Black. Yet I do not think she will be voting for Obama, nor do I think that skin color is the issue at hand in relation to his (or anyone's) politics much of the time, when the question just under the surface is in fact CLASS.

I absolutely don't have the answer to how to deal with the race/class conflation and how troubling it is on the large scale, but luckily I have over 300 students a year from over 60 countries and backgrounds, and together we sit and muck out these issues. I don't know if I can trust any larger pronouncements by myself or others about "what it's about" because our beliefs become true by our acting them out and simply via believing, so much of the time... sigh. Hopefully, the complications and conversations that come out surrounding race due to Obama's skin color (and Hillary's lack of a Y chromosome) will be productive in the long run, even if they serve to obfuscate the core of many operational issues at hand.

On the other hand, kudos for being a senior in HS and getting your work out there. Go to it!

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By Justin on June 09, 2008 at 06:35 pm

Don't worry El G, I'll be a Republican soon enough, and surely other than getting out of the war and getting me a cheaper education out of high school. I do enjoy using the system to my advantage, and I plan to be, though I understand that black kids get far more advantages these days, it doesn't sanctify that we should base our vote because of someone's color. I thought our present day America  was something far better, and something far more promising, but then people don't listen to his policies (and I know you don't agree) but people judge him because he is a black man, and can't accept the fact that 100 years ago, we didn't even have to pay them to do any work.

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By Justin on June 09, 2008 at 06:39 pm

Sorry about the two errors too! I wrote this last night and I wasn't at my fullest awareness, super!

Thanks for the replies, and this entire ordeal I think was a much needed awakening for the entire country and more so for the world to see how we as a nation that not too long ago had slavery would handle it. I have to say, so far, we are still taking tip toes in what is right to say and what is wrong to say, but we as a country are moving past our preconceived stereotypes. I for one hope that in the end Barack is president, and that he brings the nation back to its good standing among the world.

Though there are other things, such as sexism, and ageism, but I think we as a country need to look around, and need to wake up that we can't be battling the color of someone's skin, the age of someone, or the sex, and look around us, the world is quickly passing us up, and we are no longer the sole super power. Hopefully, and eventually we will find out that we need to unite as one, and we shouldn't be afraid that our president is getting hand jobs, but instead we need to understand that there are more topics for concern. Our economy first and for most, and the war, all of these things are more pertinent, and more critical than Paris Hilton's boob job.

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By Justin on June 09, 2008 at 07:03 pm

When I am finished with college, and hopefully some of my democratic friends have raised me some finicial aid I hope to come out making enough to support myself and my small business, if can actually get that far. I don't agree with democrats on the whole health care for everyone, or immigration, but I do agree with maximum limitation of government which the Republicans try to sell to us.

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By Jen on June 10, 2008 at 01:27 am

I'll take a shot guys...if you don't mind.  Using the system to your advantage?  Interesting...

Yeah...for the most part your experience what it is because you're in High School (as pointed out by da G) and that is how high school operates. DeSilva pointed out...class/socioeconomic status is by and large the driving force behind segregation.  How to level that playing field is a much more complicated subject to tackle and since class has always been a factor in how society segregates itself I doubt it ever will be a "level" playing field.

I don't like McCain because I know what he's about.  I don't like Obama because I don't know what he's about.  Obama is going to have to do something to motivate me out to the polls this time around.

Congratulations on making through high school alive and welcome to the big leagues.   Just case of a water landing...your seat cushion doubles as a floatation device.

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By Gary Schwind on June 10, 2008 at 10:44 pm

Not to nitpick Craig, but JD is Tennessee whiskey. As for the flotation device, Justin, if you were in soCal, you could just grab the nearest woman with giant fakies.

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