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Park and Stab For Better Health

by AM Nelson (writer), Los Angeles, November 15, 2006

On Nov. 14 , CNN reported that a man stabbed his friend to death over a parking space. The victim had parked his vehicle in the man’s driveway, although plenty of street parking was available.

Being new to LA, I notice restrictions on parking. One needs a permit for every neighborhood, and even then street cleaning can be a real doozy. Since I am unfamiliar with this newsworthy neighborhood’s actual condition, I beg the definition of “available” with Clinton’s reasoning.

But even if this occurred in a neighborhood with restrictions as meticulous as LA, stabbing a man seems a bit of an overreaction to me. What was Stabber thinking,” I’ll go to traffic school for this one! Hmm…I wonder if it costs more to get into one of those comedy sessions?”

The men were construction workers. Teamwork is often required on the job. Quitting smoking can be long, painful, and unsuccessful for so many; those committed to quitting need to involve support groups.

It is reported that the victim had purchased cigarettes that day for the alleged. Now, if that isn’t a full argument that smoking will kill you, please, light up! I see the rationalization now; the alleged man really wanted to stop smoking. He was involving his support group.

Well, killing your smoke buddy seems a bit drastic if you wanted to stop, but hey, I’ve never been to prison. Going to prison may help you with that addition; it’s not like cigarettes have any value there.

Tread carefully my fellow Los Angelinos. Be especially mindful to those that smoke and park cars. Watch your back; you never know when someone is trying to quit.

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By V on December 06, 2006 at 04:07 pm
Without the additional issue of parking stress (as I don't drive), to say that stabbing someone has not crossed my mind when going through nicotine withdrawals would be a lie. Shame on me.
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