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Get in line today for your Playstation 3

by Ariel (editor), Venice, CA, November 09, 2006


The Playstation 3, Sony's next generation console, is coming out next Friday November 17th, 6 years after the very successful Playstation 2 (120 millions units sold).

BestBuy will sell the consoles on a first come, first serve basis starting at midnight. Some people have reported that PS3 fanatics were already planting their tents outside the store in Burbank to make sure that they will get the console. It is indeed very likely that most stores won't carry enough playstations to meet the demand in the first days.
EB Games reported that they were done taking pre-orders and that you would have to wait until 2007 to get yours if you haven't pre-ordered it.

The West Hollywood Best Buy will have a launch party 3 hours before the official release. Romaine St will be closed to traffic between La Brea and Formosa during that time.
Events will also be held by Circuit City in Los Angeles as well as other major U.S cities and they will even give away some free PS3s.

Now, why all this fuss for a simple game console? Millions of hardcore gamers have been waiting for the PS3, the answer to Microsoft's console, the Xbox 360. The new generation Playstation will come with a 60Gb hard drive, Wifi connectivity, bluetooth controllers, and multiple flash memory card readers. The downside of this sexy beast is that it will however cost you about $600, a much higher price than the Microsoft and Nintendo's next-gen consoles. A basic version of the PS3 without Wifi, a smaller hard drive and no Flash readers will be available for only (!) $500. Both setups will provide a BluRay drive, Sony's new high-density optical disc format, which they hope will replace DVDs in the near future.
About 20 games will be available on the launch date, including major titles like Fight Night 3, Call of Duty 4, and Tony Hawk Project 8. The expected prices for these games will be around $60.

The third major game console manufacturer, Nintendo, is also launching its next generation console, the Wii, a couple of days later. The price tag will be much lower and the console features a very innovative controller that will probably change the way we play video games in the future.

Is it worth getting in line today to get one of these 2 consoles (or both!) on their launch date? I will personally stick with my old PS2 for a couple of months and wait for in-depth reviews of the beasts. Their prices will most likely drop significantly after Christmas and we should know by then who will be the winner of the next-generation gaming era.


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