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Mexican Students In The Andean Conflict

by manny osborne (writer), , March 15, 2008


The case of the bombing at the FARC's (Revolutonary Armed Forces of Colombia) camp in Ecuador by Colombian troops, taking between the legs of some Mexicans students, is becoming a complex tangle.

The outrage should be addressed to Venezuela's president, Hugo Chavez whose government funded a large amount of money to cover the costs leading the operation of the FARC. Ecuador's government was well aware of the existence of such camps overlapping its existence.

Lucia, Juan Gonzalez del Castillo and the other young people were students from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), who arrived in Ecuador a week before the attack in Quito to participate in a meeting of left-wing groups.

 But one question is in the air, what the heck were they doing in FARC's commander Raul Reyes (second in command and killed in the bombing) camp in the middle of the jungle?.Here are the theories.

Members of a drug cartel, Mexican drug cartels have a heavy presence and control in South America, the Sinaloa cartel killed a judge in Peru who was trying to condemn 7 Mexicans in a case of a cocaine shipment. the FARC is financed by the cocaine operation in Colombia

recruited by the FARC in Mexico, Intelligence Services of Mexico identified Mario Diaz as an alleged financial operator of the FARC in that country, is on the run, and he knew the students. 

They could be members of leftist guerrillas in Mexico , Popular Revolutionary Army (EPR), based in the states of Oaxaca and Guerrero. members of the left PRD (Democratic Revolutionary Party) students financed by Cuba and Hugo Chavez. 

Students doing they work without realizing the danger  of  getting into the jungle and sleeping in a terrorist group camp. Relatives of the victims announced last week that they will take legal action against the authorities of Colombia, the father of one of the students declared that "the boys came in to do interviews and study the social revolution in the region".

 The Mexican government expressed concerns about a possible relationship between Mexican citizens and the FARC, and requested to investigate these possible links

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2 comments on Mexican Students In The Andean Conflict

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By Steven Lane on March 15, 2008 at 09:45 pm

I have a close friend who is a professor at UNAM. It was her feeling that the right wing of Mexico was saying that UNAM is a nest for terrorism in an effort to privatize the University. I will ask her about why she felt the students were in Ecuador. I actually was going to Ecuador in April but with all this going on, I am passing.......I'll stick to Mexico City and Xalapa for a week instead.

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By manny osborne on March 18, 2008 at 01:19 pm

Thank you Steven, hope you enjoy your vacation trip.

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