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5 Ways Community Safe Rooms Help Save Lives

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , December 06, 2018

Here are five ways community safe rooms help save lives.

Although the threat of a zombie apocalypse has a zero chance of happening, other violent and catastrophic incidents can and do occur across our nation quite frequently. For example, 2017 was considered the deadliest year for mass shootings within the last decade, and tornado season inevitably comes year after year — with some tornados causing devastating destruction.

Although there’s no way at present to prevent these kinds of horrific events, that doesn’t mean you can’t be proactive. It just makes sense to seek out ways to protect yourself and others from the potential fallout of natural and manmade catastrophes. A community safe room can help you do just that. Here are five ways community safe rooms help save lives.

1. Shelter During Severe Weather

During extreme weather events, it is vital to have a safe place to take shelter. Although sheltering in your home can potentially provide some protection, not everyone has that option due to varying condition of home structures and their locations. Also, even though some residents might choose to leave the area and seek shelter elsewhere if there’s time, others won’t have the ability or resources to do so — no matter how much time they have. A community safe room can offer a secure shelter for people in your town to come when high winds, torrential rains and other severe weather events pose a threat to their well being.

2. Safety From Criminal Threats

No matter if you’re defending against an active shooter on the loose or some other threatening criminal element, a community safe room can help save lives. Although the victims within a criminal’s initial target will almost always be caught unaware without any other option but to shelter in place, other people in the community can take refuge in a community safe room, which can provide instant protection. The key is to install the room in a central location in the community, so people will have a decent chance to reach it in times of uncertainty.

3. Food and Water Storage Potential

Once people are in a community safe room, they might have to stay for days or even weeks, depending on the severity of the situation. In a dire emergency, there might not be an opportunity to pack and transport non-perishable food, water and other essentials to the safe room that could potentially sustain occupants for undetermined lengths of time. Just like a home or any other communal building, community safe rooms have the capacity to store food and water for occupants. Once the safe room is built, you can stock the room in advance with bottled water and non-perishable food items. The odds of survival in a long-term situation of confinement greatly improve as long as people have their basic needs met with life-sustaining provisions.

4. Allows People to Plan Ahead for Their Safety

Without proper planning for catastrophic events, survival rates can falter. But with the presence of a communal safe room, town officials can plan ahead with confidence for their own safety as well as the safety of area residents. No one likes to dwell on worst-case scenarios, but planning what you need to do in an emergency is necessary for survival instead of frantically trying to find shelter during a pending catastrophic event. Knowing that you have a safe place to go that’s within a reasonable distance can make all the difference in an emergency.

5. Plate Steel for The Ultimate in Protection

The solid weld plate ¼” steel walls with seven-point security doors featured in community safe rooms provide supreme protection from the worst of threats. The walls and doors are formed from NuArmor steel, which is created from carbon and alloy and is designed to withstand any kind of battering, including armor-piercing bullets. In fact, the doors are designed to exceed military specifications concerning ballistic requirements. Rest assured that once occupants are inside, the plate steel doors will stand guard between them and whatever threat happens to be looming.

Now that you know five ways community safe rooms can help save lives, it should make perfect sense to consider one for your community. Protection from natural and manmade threats as well as the ability to give others peace of mind are all compelling reasons to opt for this protective shelter. While you and others in your community might never need it, there may come a day that they will — and with a safe room, everyone can be properly prepared.

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