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4 Traditional Roof Top Ideas for Your Dream House

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , December 06, 2018

Here are some beautiful roof top ideas for your new home.

Everyone imagines a perfect picture of how their dream house is going to be like. With the best paint colors, pretty roof top, big bedrooms and marvelous exterior. Truth to be told, building a house that you have forever dreamed of is not easy. Apart from handsome money, it takes a lot of decisions, ideas and imaginations to build a house.

Talking about the exterior of the house, there are so many things to select; from a perfect roof top to your main entrance door. Roof top is one of the main things that play an important part of how your house will look like. There are many types of roof ideas that you can select for your own dream home.

For roofing troy Michigan, you can find many roofing contractors that will make your dream roof come true. Here are some beautiful roof top ideas for your new home.

1. Gambrel Roof Style

Let’s start with one of the most common but beautiful style of roof that is seen in Michigan. Gambrel is a two sided roof with slopes on each side. Gambrel gives a very traditional look to the house, so if you want your roof top to give a classical old style look, gambrel is best for you.

The advantage of Gambrel Roof Style is that it can provide extra storage or space beneath the steeper sides. It also gives an illusion of a very tall roof.

2. Mansard Roof Style

Here you have another option if you like Gambrel Roof Style; you can also go for Mansard Roof which is pretty similar to the Gambrel. Mansard is also known as French Roof/ Curb Roof. The design is used to give the house more of a flatter but classical and traditional look.

Mansard roof have two slopes on each side with the lower slope being steeper than the upper; that is the only difference between Gambrel and Mansard Roof.

The advantage of choosing Mansard roof style is that you can have extra attic space because of its vertical slopes. The extra space will also be helpful to you if you want to add another room to your house in the future; plus- Mansard Roof looks very attractive.

3. Jerkinhead Roof Style

Although the name is pretty funny, Jerkinhead is one of the best looking roof tops. The roof looks like a gable roof with clipped peaks; it has two large sides and two very small ones. People like Jerkinhead because of how classical it makes a house to look like.

The advantage of Jerkinhead is that you can update it into something different later. Not to forget the extra storage space that Jerkinhead will provide you.

4. Saltbox Roof Style

Saltbox is a unique yet traditional roof style. Basically, saltbox has two slopes down the two sides of the house, where one slope is short and another is pretty long. It gives a very unique look to the house.

Advantage of saltbox is that you can have a visible chimney over the lower floor, which looks amazing.

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