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How to stay at the top of your industry, no matter which sector you work in

by Editor (editor), , November 29, 2018

How you can incorporate the same ethics into your business to help you achieve long-term growth and a favorable reputation.

Tomedes is a translation agency providing some of the biggest companies in the world with professional human translation for their brands. These global organizations trust Tomedes’ certified translation services because they go above and beyond the expectations of their clients and fulfil their clients’ needs in an ethical and timely manner. In this article, we will use the example of Tomedes to show how a company can manage to stay ahead of the game, and how you can incorporate the same ethics into your business to help you achieve long-term growth and a favorable reputation.

Industry leaders don’t just happen to get that way by chance. For a company to be successful, they have to position themselves above the competition by offering the highest quality service or product while exceeding their clients’ expectations. And once they’ve reached this coveted position, they need to maintain the same level of performance on a consistent basis. To be at the top of your industry requires a lot of tenacity and hard work, something few companies succeed with over the long haul. Tomedes has taken professional translation to a whole new level and achieved both short and long-term success.

How A Translation Agency Became One Of The Best In The World In Just Ten Years
In October, the review platform Clutch identified Tomedes as one of the leading B2B companies in Asia and Africa for 2018. They accomplished this under the leadership of Ofer Tirosh, the founder and CEO of this successful translation and localization company. Tomedes sits alongside just 29 other Israeli companies awarded this achievement.

The Tomedes team strive to be the best translation company possible, offering their clients everything from legal translation services to urgent and rush translation services, along with everything in between. Their human translators work in over 90 languages, serving clients around the globe.

Ofer Tirosh started Tomedes because the field of linguistics and translation is something he was passionate about. Passion is a critical component of becoming a leader in your industry. If you possess a passion for what you are trying to create, then you will be focused on the success of your endeavors. You will tirelessly build your brand so that it exceeds the expectations of your clients and keeps them coming back to you.

Without a relentless passion for what you are doing, success will always be short-lived. The mental grind of building your business, the long hours, and the day-to-day demands will wear you down without a very big “why” propelling you forward. So before you attempt to become an industry leader, ask yourself if you genuinely believe in and love what you are creating.

How Perfection Translates Into Success

Another characteristic of Tomedes that sets it apart is its dedication to achieving perfection. Certainly, there are many companies out there that sell substandard products and services and still manage to make a profit – in many cases, a hefty one. However, being an industry leader isn’t just about revenue. It’s about how the rest of the world perceives you. To be seen as a top contender in your line of work, you need to possess a drive for perfection as well. This much-maligned character trait has been analyzed to bits, with many experts arguing that it is an entrepreneur’s worst enemy. While that may be true in some cases, we believe it doesn't apply when you want to be the best.

In truth, if you want to win at most anything, you have to be the best and strive for perfection. That’s it. It’s no big mystery. If you’re going to win an apple pie contest, you perfect your recipe until it’s the best possible rendition of an apple pie. If you want to be top in your industry, you need to offer the best of the best. Tomedes succeeds where others don’t because it provides more than just translation. It strives to deliver the best professional translation services possible, with word-perfect translations.

The Highest Goals And Standards In The Translation Industry
No matter which sector you work in, to get to and stay at the top of your industry, you need to set the highest goals and standards possible and stick to them. As a translation company, Tomedes has integrated standards that are transparent not only to the public but to its professional translators and localization services experts as well. The company does not tolerate using unethical strategies to conduct business. It doesn’t capitalize on misfortune or conduct its business in a dishonest manner. Staff strive to stay fair and consistent, and ensure that their actions line up with the company’s core values.

Companies with a high level of integrity reap numerous rewards. To position yourself at the top of any industry, consider the actions and deeds of what a kind and fair person would do, and integrate them into your company culture. Tomedes has raised the bar for professional translation services by doing just that. Companies that can do the same will stand a good chance of mirroring Tomedes’ success.

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