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10 Healthy habits that children should be taught in school

by jhonsonjohn7590 (writer), , November 29, 2018

Here we tell you 10 healthy habits by which children can maintain a hygienic environment.

When children attend school they are not restricted to the confinements of their homes. They are open to a new environment, where they get exposed to unhygienic conditions in many ways. We all know that children below eight years of age are sensitive, and are more prone to fall sick as compared to adults. Therefore, maintaining personal hygiene is of utmost importance in schools. Schools not just impart knowledge, but also play a vital role in shaping an individual’s personality.

Healthy habits should be inculcated in children at an early stage so that by the time they grow up it becomes a part of their routine. Here we tell you 10 healthy habits by which children can maintain a hygienic environment.

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1.Keep the hands neat and clean: Washing hands is an integral part of maintaining hygiene in order to avoid germs after playing outside or when in close contact with other children. Washing hands regularly is one of the easiest ways to stay healthy.

Students should be asked to wash their hands in the following situations:

  • Before and after every meal
  • After using washroom
  • After coughing, sneezing or blowing the nose

Also, encourage the use of hand sanitizer among children when washing of hands is not possible.

2.The importance of grooming: It is very important that students wear tidy clothes and look fresh both in school and home. Talk to the children about different grooming activities like wearing ironed clothes, neatly combed hair and keeping the school bag clean. Help them learn about the importance of grooming through practice.

Teach the children to cover their mouth with handkerchief while sneezing or coughing.

3. Regular washing of play dough: Today, most schools have play area where children can get their toys to play. In this activity, children may share their toys with each other. During this, not only the toy is passed but the germs also get transferred. Therefore, it is very important to keep the playroom and toys clean and germ-free.

4. Drink water regularly: Water is considered to be healthier than drinks that are high in sugar contentand caffeine. Encourage children to drink at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day, as lack of water can cause them dehydration. This can help their abilities to learn and enables them to stay focused.

5. Intake of healthy diet: This is one of the most important habits that should be inculcated at an early stage. Children can easily get tempted to fast food and street food served by vendors. Unhealthy eating habits can result in food poisoning that can cause vomiting, diarrhea and other infections.

Encourage children to include more vegetables and fruits in their diet as eating properly helps in concentrating during classes.

Above mentioned are the common healthy habits that every child should follow. School definitely plays an important role in forming habits of a child. But what after a child returns from school? At home, it is the responsibility of the parents to take care of their children.

Being a parent if you are worried about your child’s health then you can ask a doctor about other ways through which you can take care of them.

6. Develop a sleeping schedule: Push the children to establish a sleeping schedule. Children should be put in a practice of sleeping and waking up on time. This habit helps them rising early in the morning.

Prevent them to take nap at odd hours, as it can affect their sleeping patterns. Also, they should not sleep beyond 8 hours during the night.

7.Brushing teeth twice a day: Brushing the teeth twice in a day should be an integral part of a children’s routine. This activity helps in keeping their gums strong and removing stains from the teeth.

Those 3 minutes of brushing can give them healthy teeth and maintain fresh breath.

8. Teach the children to trim their fingernails: We all know that children get most diseases from coming in contact with the dirt in their fingernails. The germs that accumulate in the cuticles and beneath the nails can get easily transferred to the mouth and nose of the children. This can easily lead to stomach infections and illness. Therefore, always teach children to keep their nails clean and trim them every week.

9. Maintain foot hygiene: The aspect of maintaining foot hygiene is often overlooked among children. Sweaty feet can cause fungal infections. Therefore, students should always wear cotton-lined sock that allows their feet to breathe.

Listed below are some of the healthy habits children should practice in order to avoid smelly feet:

  • Make sure children wipe their feet after bathing and change their socks daily.
  • Tell them to keep their footwear always clean.
  • Encourage them to use moisturizer every day.

10. Avoid going to school when unwell: If children are not keeping well, then make sure they do not attend school until they recover. Kids should only attend school if they are able to participate in daily activities and don’t spread their germs to other children.

Maintaining proper hygiene is the first step towards the beginning of a healthy life for a child. Always help your child to understand the importance of hygiene. This will help them go a long way. It is often seen that children follow the example set by their parents and teachers. Therefore, parents should set a positive example in front of their children.

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